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    Upgrade Your Enterprise Phone System with Cloud Solutions

    net2phone’s cloud-based enterprise phone system is a complete unified communications solution that integrates calls, video conferencing, SMS, and more to supercharge your modern office

    Work Smarter We integrate with the platforms you use most. Avoid the need to switch tabs or platforms to make or answer calls.
    Up to 99.9% Uptime net2phone’s reliability keeps you online so you can focus on growing your business.
    Customizable You’re not like others in your space. Your unified communications platform shouldn't be either.

    World-Class Enterprise Business Phone Systems

    An enterprise phone system from net2phone isn't just a phone system. It is a unified communications solution that comes equipped with phone calls, video meetings, text messaging, advanced features, and custom integrations

    Swoop Features

    Powerful Enterprise VoIP Phone System Features

    The net2phone enterprise phone system solution comes jam packed with powerful features to transform the way you work, communicate, and do business.

    Web Calling

    Make and receive calls using only your computer – no extra hardware, no extra expense LEARN MORE

    Unlimited International Calling

    With net2phone, enjoy unlimited international calling to more than 40 countries, including the US and Canada LEARN MORE

    Video Conferencing

    Host face-to-face virtual communications with clients and colleagues all around the globe with net2phone’s video conferencing platform Huddle LEARN MORE

    Business Text Messaging

    Send and receive both text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages using your existing business phone number LEARN MORE

    Mobile App

    With the net2phone mobile app, the whole team can make and receive calls or text messages from wherever they are using your business phone number LEARN MORE

    Auto Attendant

    Let the smart auto attendant route all incoming calls to the right department or individual team member LEARN MORE

    Powerhouse Softphone

    RCon, the net2phone Powerhouse Softphone console, lets you handle large volumes of calls with ease LEARN MORE

    Call Analytics

    Maximize efficiency and optimize productivity with powerful analytics, providing you with performance-based data at your fingertips LEARN MORE

    Call Recording

    Improve customer satisfaction, train employees, and maintain your high standards with call recording LEARN MORE

    Welcome Menu

    Create customized welcome menus to greet callers at different times of the day and year, be it after-hours or during holidays LEARN MORE

    Call Blocking

    Block any number with net2phone and stop being harrassed by telemarketing and spam phone calls LEARN MORE

    Voicemail & On-hold Options

    Keep customers engaged or promote special offers while waiting on hold. Use our voicemail features to save and access voicemails in your portal LEARN MORE

    Inbound, Outbound, & Blended Campaigns

    Deliver high-quality voice experiences through all interactions.

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Put your business in autopilot using our native ACD software.

    Estimated Wait Time

    Callers can schedule a call back for any time or day, on any number without losing their place in the queue.

    Call Monitoring

    Barge, whisper, or monitor calls to manage call quality and agent performance.

    Predictive Dialer

    "Predicts’ when the agent will become available again and starts dialing based on his/her average wrap-up time.

    Power Dialer

    Determines the average number of calls the system needs to make on any given list in order to successfully connect to a client.

    Preview Dialer

    Automatically dials a number from a call list as soon as an agent becomes available to ensure clients don’t answer calls without an agent ready to pick them up.

    Progressive Dialer

    Calls the agent first and when/if the agent is available, it forwards the call to the client. Each client is assigned to a specific agent.

    Reverse Progressive Dialer

    Exclusive configuration of the Progressive dialer, but calls the client first, and then transfers the call to the assigned agent.

    Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

    Automatic detection of voice mails & distinction between human and robotic voice.

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system of pre recorded messages without having to speak to an agent.

    Text-to-Speech (TTS)* & Automatic Speech Recognition

    Assistive technology that reads digital text aloud or can convert human audio into text using acoustic language models.

    Unified Inbox

    Meet customers in the digital channel of their choice, integrating all touchpoints in the same place.

    Post-Interaction Satisfaction Surveys

    Receive customer feedback at the completion of any interactions.

    Chat Bots

    Automate all digital interactions using our native & customizable Bots.

    Audio & Video WebRTC

    Start and/or answer audio and video calls directly from your website.

    SMS and MMS Campaigns

    Send singular or bulk SMS campaigns to one or multiple recipients.

    Workforce Management

    Record interactions, calls, and screens; conduct agent coaching, enable satisfaction surveys, and more!

    Reporting & Analytics

    Omnichannel & real-time alerts, monitoring of daily performance, and standardized or custom reporting.


    The modern business needs a VoIP phone system to keep distributed teams in contact, streamline communications, and optimize collaboration. The net2phone cloud phone system is favored by hundreds of enterprise organizations worldwide. Widely trusted for its reliability, security, scalability, flexibility, integrations, and outstanding range of powerful unified communications features, the net2phone cloud-based phone system is second to none. Combining everything from basic VoIP functionality like call forwarding and voicemail all the way up to unlimited nationwide and international calling, net2phone is the trusted enterprise communications solution for organizations up and down the nation, and the best business phone on the market today

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    Enterprise Phone Systems FAQ

    What is an enterprise phone system?

    An enterprise phone system is a cloud-based unified communications solution designed specifically to meet the needs of large-scale organizations and allows your staff to collaborate and communicate from anywhere, on any desktop or mobile device.

    Supporting high call volumes, advanced call handling, and contact center capabilities, enterprise business phone systems provide the technology modern businesses need to manage business communications.

    How do we switch to an enterprise cloud phone system?

    Switching to an enterprise VoIP phone system is incredibly simple. Provided you’ve got a reliable internet connection, switching is simply a case of selecting a trusted VoIP provider like net2phone that can provide you with everything you need. net2phone will help you ensure the whole switchover process goes off without a hitch – from  number porting, to setting up new users, to installing your new phones, and training your staff to use all the fantastic features our solution provides.

    How easy is it to use an enterprise VoIP phone system?

    Cloud based enterprise phone systems are designed to be user friendly. Though replete with powerful features, the system is intuitive, and most new users can get to grips with using enterprise IP phone systems in less than a day. net2phone also offers free, live training several times a week to ensure you get the most out of your new enterprise phone system.

    Are net2phone's enterprise cloud phone systems secure?

    Absolutely. Using the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption techniques, net2phone provides a highly secure enterprise cloud phone systems to protect all your data and information.

    Is net2phone's enterprise cloud phone system reliable?

    Provided you have a robust internet connection, VoIP is a reliable technology that ensures high call quality, scalability, and flexibility for large enterprises.

    Is an enterprise VoIP phone system cost-effective?

    VoIP is significantly more cost effective than installing, running, maintaining, upgrading, and upscaling traditional landline phones. Not only does a cloud-based enterprise phone system reduce costs by cutting business phone bills, but it also offers the very best features without requiring investment in expensive hardware. What’s more, all maintenance and upgrades are managed by the provider at no extra cost to you.

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