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    Gain Conversational Insights Uncover your customers true emotions and improve agent interactions with the power of sentiment analysis.
    Save Time With Done-For-You Tasks Simplify work with AI-generated transcriptions, call summaries, next steps and coaching notes.
    Make Data-Driven Decisions Analyze team performance and uncover insights using call analytics. Make strong decisions backed by data.

    INTERACTION INSIGHTS Deeper Insights For Superior Coaching

    Gain valuable insights into your customer interactions and uncover opportunities to coach your team to success.

    Sentiment Analysis
    AI reveals how your callers felt during a conversation through voice, tone and context analysis. Learn and make future adjustments to elevate service quality. 

    Call Transcription
    Effortlessly transform spoken words into text with AI. With accurate and complete text records, review your calls in depth without having to listen to them all.

    Recorded Call Review
    Review call recordings for tone and effectiveness. Download, hear the whole recording, skip to areas of concern, or use time-stamps to add coaching notes.  

    AI Interaction insights

    Automation Let AI Do The Work For You

    Spend more time focusing on the quality of your conversations and less time keeping track of all the details. 

    Call Summary + Next Steps 
    AI automatically summarizes the key takeaways from your calls.  It even records the next steps and action items, so you always remember to follow up. 

    Follow-Up Email  
    Automatically generated follow-up emails save agents time and ensure timely follow- up. The text includes key takeaways from the call and details the next steps.  

    Coaching Notes
    AI analyzes the conversation and provides detailed and actionable suggestions for improvement. Give your team the guidance they need to perform at their best. 

    Sync With Your CRM
    Automatically sync all your call data into your CRM. With seamless integrations, there is no need for manual data entry. All the data you need is right at your fingertips. 

    AI Automation

    Call Analytics Analyze Interactions and Supercharge Performance

    Evaluate your agent's interactions and better understand your customers' experiences.

    Words Per Minute
    Communication is most successful when it is at the right pace. See how well your team interacts. 

    Talk Ratio 
    Monitor the balance between talking and listening during interactions and assess customer satisfaction.  

    Overtalk Incidents 
    Track the number of times agents and customers talk simultaneously and cause communication challenges.  

    AI Call analytics
    Available In Multiple Languages net2phone AI supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with more languages to come!
    Compatible With Any Voice Platform Add AI to our Unite or uContact products or any voice platform supporting API Webhooks.

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