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make money,

saving your customers money.

Customizable products and solutions

Be ahead of your competitors by offering your target customers a fully customized range of VoIP products and solutions developed to meet the needs in your specific marketplace.

Profit from every call

Buy wholesale, sell retail and set your own rates. net2phone provides you with wholesale rates allowing you to set the rates you offer your customer. Decide your own profit margin, earning recurring revenues from every call made.

Flexible calling plans

Offer your customers alternative packages choosing from either Fixed, Pay As You Go, or Unlimited calling plans. Our dedicated account managers provide you with all the necessary support for the development of any customizable rates.

Benefit from our scale

Leverage our global scale and buying power. As one of the world’s largest International voice carriers, we terminate over 30 billion minutes per year providing you with exceptionally low domestic and international calling rates.

No channel conflict

We don’t compete with you, we don’t have another direct channel. Our dedicated account managers are only focused on you, building your business and ensuring your success.

Increase customer loyalty

Offer a new communication service – acquire new customers and recover long distance traffic from existing customers that may have migrated to the Over-The-Top (OTT) competitors.

saving money

reselling VoIP.

Combine Voice & Data

VoIP allows your customers to combine voice and data onto a single network connection, using far less expensive data bandwidth.

Save Money Calling Worldwide

Your customers will save up to 50% on domestic and up to 90% on International call termination as well as FREE on-net calls.

Flexible Pricing

Our calling packages offer your customers a choice of unlimited plans for one low monthly cost or pay-as-you-go pricing for low per minute rates to different countries around the world.

Save on Inbound Calls

Provide your customers with International virtual numbers and allow friends and family abroad to call for the cost of a local call.

No Hidden Fees

Your customers will save on more than just the calls – there are no connection, access or maintenance fees.


Your customers aren’t locked into yearly contracts. We offer the ability to scale up or down, change plans or switch to per minute pricing.

reselling VoIP

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Meet Alexis

“We’ve been working with net2phone for over a year now and, based on our current figures, we can say that from partnering with net2phone, our revenue and client base more than doubled compared to previous years.”

Meet Ingry

“What makes net2phone great is its flexible, scalable, and reliable technology infrastructure. They’re the only provider that meets all our customers’ requirements and the standards of high quality IP voice”

Meet Allen

“There’s always a team ready to work with us and ready to put our heads together to come up with a winning proposition for our subscribers – particularly in a market that is forever changing.”

Choose from our full suite of VoIP solutions. Uncover new opportunities for your business.