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    Call Recording

    Capture Crucial Details with Call Recording

    Discover the benefits of call recording, available with our hosted VoIP phone solutions.

    call recording

    Monitor Calls Lke A Pro with net2phone

    It's time for full transparency and improved customer satisfaction.

    Maintain Company Standards Through Call Monitoring

    Protect your business and make sure your company standards are being upheld by overseeing all company calls.

    Train New Employees with Previously Recorded Calls

    Efficiently onboard and train new employees with the help of recorded calls. Provide real-life examples of customer and employee conversations so new team members can reference for educational and training purposes. Monitor newer employees' calls until they are completed with training.

    Proof That Can Protect Your Business

    Resolve disputes and potentially avoid legal situations by being able to refer back to all call recordings within your net2phone dashboard. Reference calls to resolve any misunderstanding or dispute that can arise from customers, 3rd party vendors or suppliers.

    Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Gain knowledge from customers with call monitoring and share these recordings with the proper department or team member. Elevate your customer experience by ensuring all crucial details are captured from each call. Improve the overall quality of customer service by better understanding your customers.

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    We want to help you communicate better with all aspects of your business. Get started by having a conversation with one of our business communication experts.

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