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    Minimize Manual Work
    Provide 24/7 Support
    Reduce Response Time
    Improve Customer Experience

    Automate Interactions Across All Digital Channels 

    By automating interactions, flows and conversations, your chatbot can handle routine tasks while your team deals with more complex interactions. From answering frequent questions to performing transactions, chatbots can help with almost any action.

    Automate your digital channels with chatbots: 

    • Facebook and Facebook Messenger
    • WhatsApp
    • Instagram
    • Live Assistance WebChat
    • SMS

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    Automate With Low Code Programming Tools

    Automate and manage your interactions in a visual and user-friendly way with uContact’s low-code Workflow Designer. Using drag-and-drop technology, intuitively create workflows and add features without needing to be an expert programmer. 

    Automate low code programing

    Streamline The Interaction Process 

    Reduce call handling times, free up agents and provide consistent service on every call.  Callers can provide information through voice commands or key input, for simplified process and quick service. 


    • Make changes with a drag-and-drop interface.
    • Use uContact or your own CRM for customer data.
    • Give callers the option to wait on hold or receive a callback.
    Steamline interactions

    Simplify Inbound Call Management 

    Experience efficient inbound call handling by connecting callers to the right department or agent without delay.  Improve responsiveness, speed up resolutions and streamline inbound voice management for next-level service.


    • Route calls to the right agent for the inquiry. 
    • Reduce time by routing to the next available agent.
    • Route calls based on language, location, type and more.  
    • Prioritize urgent calls and high-value accounts. 
    Simplify inbound calls

    Easily Manage Call Volumes 

    Want to reduce wait times, staffing needs, and improve routing? Place inbound calls in a queue or virtual hold before connecting them to the best-suited agent.  You'll provide quick, efficient service and allow agents to handle calls with consistency. 


    • Announce the estimated wait time for callers in queue. 
    • Play music or promotions while callers wait in the line
    • Based on queue length, distribute work across agents.

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    Contact center automation uses advanced technologies such as chatbots, interactive voice response and speech recognition to automate and execute routine customer interaction and support processes. Streamlining processes with automation reduces costs, improves efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction. Contact center automation can help you provide excellent support with quick, helpful and personalized service.

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    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Automation has the power to transform the customer experience. Here's how:   

    Quick Resolution: Contact center automation can make your workflows more effective. It reduces the need for manual processing, which decreases hold times. Automated systems can work with interactive voice response systems (IVR) to collect information. This speeds up the process before the agent interacts with the customer.

    Offer 24/7 Support: Your automated systems can work around the clock without human intervention. Customers located in different time zones or needing support outside working hours can access the support they need with automated support.

    Consistent Support: A consistent customer experience allows you to build greater trust. Whenever clients contact you, they will receive the same level of support. Automated systems follow specific rules and protocols and eliminate the risk of human error. This ensures the same level of service for every customer.

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    Increased Agent Productivity

    Routine inquiries, questions and tasks often take valuable time away from your contact center agents. By automating routine tasks like data entry or authentication, you can reduce agent workload and improve call center agent performance. Thus, they can focus on tasks that require a human touch, such as problem-solving and empathy.

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    Increase Employee Satisfaction

    Agent work can be demanding, but automation can make their roles easier. Customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and increased access to tools make agent work easier. This ensures more pleasant interactions, consistent call volumes, and reduced call handling times that in the end increase customer lifetime value.

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    Automated Scalability

    Things can change quickly within a contact center, and automation can help you adapt. Cloud-based contact center solutions allow you to scale up or down easily to meet your contact center demands. With automation, you can rapidly adjust IVR scripts or integrate new automation technology, such as chatbots or speech recognition. Operational disruptions are minimal.

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    Accurate Data Collection

    Capturing data is essential in using it to derive insights and make strategic decisions. However, you want this data to be as accurate as possible. Compared to humans, automation can capture data more precisely and thoroughly. This can include gathering customer data, collecting customer feedback, measuring results, transcribing conversations, etc.

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    Technology Used In Contact Center Automation

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) IVR is a technology that answers incoming calls. It interacts with the caller to understand the reason for the call. It does this through voice prompts and touch-tone responses.
    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) After the caller has interacted with the IVR system, ACD technology will distribute the call. ACD is a telephony technology that automatically routes callers to the right department or agent based on predefined criteria.
    Call Queuing Once the ACD distributes the call, call queuing takes place. Call queue software places inbound callers into a queue or virtual line. This automation ensures that caller's queries are answered quickly and effectively with minimal wait times.
    Chatbots Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversations with users. Chatbots can understand your client's intentions and perform tasks they were programmed to do.

    7 Key Types of Call Center Automation

    Automated Customer Interactions Customers want quick efficient and helpful. Automating responses to routine inquiries and enabling self-service through IVR and chatbots can free up agents. They can instead focus on complex tasks that require human interaction. With this, you increase customer experience, increase agent satisfaction and decrease costs.
    Forecasting Automation Your contact center has accumulated lots of current and historical data. Forecasting Automation uses trends from that data to predict your contact center activities and performance. For instance, forecasts can predict call volumes during specific periods and allow you to prepare better.
    Workflow Automation Routine tasks and activities can consume a lot of valuable time, and repetitive work is more prone to human error. Workflow Automation can automatically perform those repetitive tasks without error or human involvement. Workflow automation can eliminate tasks such as entering data, sending emails and notifications, generating routine reports, and more.
    Sales And Marketing Automation Automating parts of your sales and marketing process lets you measure customer experience and build stronger relationships with customers, shorten the sales cycle, and ultimately drive more revenue. Automate routine tasks such as SMS or email campaign with sales offers, follow-ups and more. Accomplish tasks quickly and contact more people than if you were to do them manually.
    Scheduling Automation Proper time management, scheduling and planning are essential for contact centers. And no matter the size of your contact center, scheduling can be complex and time-consuming. Automating schedules and calendars can increase time management efficiency. This can prevent double bookings and the need for more skilled agents.
    SMS Automation Take advantage of the quick and efficient nature of SMS. SMS automation can engage with customers after they’ve performed an action. For instance, if reaches out for support, an SMS message can be automated to determine if they are satisfied with the support they received. This can also be used to send appointment reminders, account balances, promotional offers and more.


    The ROI of contact center automation will vary depending on what processes you implement and how. But without a doubt, significant savings and revenue growth can be achieved by implementing automation your contact center.

    05reduce-operation-costReduction of Operating Costs

    Automation of contact center processes and operations, self-service options, and chatbots can reduce operating costs by 30-60%.

    06.reduced-labour-costReduced Labor Costs

    Automating manual tasks and processes reduces the need for human intervention and, in turn, your labor costs. You can use automation to handle things like data entry. You can also use chatbots and automated email responses to handle routine inquiries reducing the need for staff.

    07.reduced-customer-churnReduction of Customer Churn

    Automation is an incredibly useful tool to reduce churn. Automated notifications, reminders, promotions, and more can help prevent customer issues and retain a loyal customer base. By offering a better customer experience, you will have higher levels of satisfied customers who are less likely to churn.

    08.increased-salesIncrease In Sales

    Automation has the power to take over repetitive and manual processes, so you can redirect agents' efforts to revenue-generating opportunities. They can also be used to automate and push large-scale marketing and sales efforts.  

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