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    Global Connect - One System to Connect it All

    Unify Your Global Business Communications Under a Single Cloud Provider

    Say Goodbye to Complex Hardware and Consolidate Your Business

    With Global Connect, instead of having separate international locally-based PBXs, you can consolidate your multiple vendors to one, streamlined cloud solution. Rather than maintaining and managing different hardware and software systems and vendors, you’ll have one, reliable solution for business communication. 


    Why Global Connect?

    Increased Efficiency Global Connect provides teams with unmatched, multinational connectivity, without the need to maintain different systems or work with multiple vendors. With one, consolidated solution, large enterprises can truly simplify their business communication infrastructure.
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    Custom-Tailored Solutions Our experienced team of specialists will architect the perfect solution for your business. With a unique understanding of different regional regulations and requirements, we provide full support before, during, and after implementation.
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    Reduced Costs Implementing and maintaining traditional landline phone systems and hardware can be costly. Global Connect provides businesses with massive savings on support and maintenance, SIP trunk licensing fees, equipment costs, co-location costs, termination costs, and more.

    The net2phone Advantage

    net2phone’s Global Connect solution operates across six continents, out of points of presence located in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, Brazil, and Argentina. This allows us to terminate over 28.3 billion minutes per year to over 170 countries. Over our 30 years of development, we’ve built interconnections with over 900 termination providers.

    • 1000+ Direct Routes globally
    • DIDs for 100+ Countries
    • Local ANI Termination for 40+ Countries globally
    • Scalable Infrastructure
    • Concierge Implementation and ongoing Service & Support

    Microsoft Teams and Global Connect

    net2phone’s intuitive integration capabilities ensure you can continue using the tools you know and love, but amplified to the next level for unparalleled connectivity. Our Microsoft Teams Native integration Direct Routing allows you to make and take calls on our reliable and secure network right from your Microsoft Teams app.


    A Proven Solution to Suit Your Needs

    Business communications and connectivity should never be limited by geographical location. With rapidly changing economic conditions and business trends, it’s vital to stay ahead of the competition. Global Connect is designed for large, global companies to break down barriers and collaborate with ease.

    City Facilities Management With offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and over 12,000 employees, City Facilities Management (City FM) provides maintenance/ engineering, technical procurement, and support to some of the largest Fortune 100 retailers, grocers, and convenience stores.
    Global University Systems Global University Systems (GUS) owns and operates one of the world’s most diverse networks of higher education institutions, with over 60,000 students in six countries and a global presence online. In addition to the UK and Germany, GUS also operates institutions in Canada, Ireland, Israel, and Singapore.

    What to expect throughout your journey with Global Connect

    Getting started with a new solution shouldn’t be complicated. We’re with you every step of the way. To get started, our specialists will hop on a call with your team to discover what challenges you’re facing today and gather detailed information like the number of users you’ll require, location of users, and more. From there, our experts can recommend the best possible solutions to tackle your challenges. 

    When it comes to specific geographic locations, our team of experts understand different regional regulations to ensure that our solutions are compliant within the area they're being used. After evaluating your business requirements, we’ll provide a detailed plan and if necessary, a proof of concept. 

    We make smooth onboarding a priority and will provide training for your team before completing migration. Post-implementation, we provide ongoing support to ensure that our solution continues to be tailored to your business needs.


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