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    Built-in Tools for Business Success

    Analytics Uncover New Opportunities 

    With powerful business analytics, real-time data and customizable dashboards; gain insights into new opportunities.  

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    Integrations Make Data-Driven Decisions

    Get more done in fewer steps by integrating your unified communications solution with leading business platforms and tools. 

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    Features  Advanced VoIP Features 

    With over 40 innovative VoIP features, you’ll keep your customers happy while boosting overall business communication. 

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    Business Phone App Mobile & Desktop App

    Wherever the day takes you, you can make and receive calls from your smartphone device as if you were sitting at your desk. 

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    Simplify Business Communication

    Transform the way you do business with net2phone’s Unified Communication solution.

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    Unified Communications FAQ

    What is Unified Communications?

    A unified communication system unifies all business communication tools on a single platform. Teams can then switch and communicate easily between different channels.

    What can unified communications merge?

    A unified communications platform can merge all your business communication and collaboration tools into a full-featured business communication platform. 

    Why is unified communications so important for businesses?

    With all your communication and collaboration tools combined into a single platform, It allows your teams and customers to communicate more effectively and improves overall business efficiencies. With its features, you can provide excellent service, facilitate collaboration and work effectively on the go.

    What is UCaaS?

    UCaaS stands for unified communications as a service, and it is a cloud-based service that offers multiple communication and collaboration tools within a single platform. This includes calls, video, chat, fax, SMS and other call center functions. 

    How does unified communications work?

    Unified communication as a service (UCaas) is cloud-based and is managed by your service provider.

    What are the benefits of unified communications for businesses?

    • Work more effectively when you can access all your communication tools in one place.
    • Improve customer service and experience with advanced call features and integrations.
    • Teams can stay connected and collaborate easily through multiple communication channels.
    • Improve workflow efficiency by integrating your UC system with your most used tools and apps.
    • Work from anywhere by accessing your UCaaS system from anywhere with an internet connection.
    • Cost savings that come from bundling services and having all of your communication channels managed by one vendor

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