net2phone Where Security Meets Seamless Communication

    Stay connected and operational no matter what, with unmatched security and reliability.

    99.97% Uptime Record Eleven global points of presence ensure you have uninterrupted communication and business continuity.
    Multi-Layered Security Stringent physical and network security policies keep your data confidential and protected from threats.
    Regulatory Compliance Ensure data protection and mitigate risks with solutions that adhere to multiple regulatory requirements.


    Global Points Of Presence

    Experience uninterrupted business communication with net2phone’s 11 points of presence across the globe, ensuring geo-redundancy.  If one location experiences an unexpected disruption, the system can seamlessly route voice traffic to another for effortless call failover and high availability.


    Protecting Critical Infrastructure

    Our facilities are built to Tier-III standards as defined by the Uptime Institute and are meticulously selected.

    Emergency Planning: Multiple power grids with backup power generators ensure uninterrupted service.

    High Connectivity: Redundant internet connections ensure network availability at all times.

    Climate Control: Environmental controls regulate temperature and humidity to safeguard equipment.

    24/7 Surveillance: Physical threats and unauthorized access are protected around the clock.


    Network Security: Keeping Your Communication Data Safe

    Ensure Regulatory Compliance
    With Every Interaction

    SOC 2 COMPLIANCE Our solutions are SOC 2 compliant, ensuring stringent controls over the processing, storage, and transmission of customer data.
    HIPAA COMPLIANCE With HIPAA compliance, we prioritize the security and privacy of protected health information (PHI), meeting the highest standards set by healthcare regulations.
    PCI COMPLIANCE We adhere to PCI compliance standards, safeguarding payment card data with robust security measures during transmission, processing, and storage.
    STIR/SHAKEN Our solutions are STIR/SHAKEN compliant, providing authentication protocols to combat caller ID spoofing and ensure the legitimacy of phone calls.
    If you want a reliable, no hassle service, this is probably the company to go with. I have not once had any issues with the service or the support. You could shop around, and you might find something cheaper, or something better, but you won't find anything for this price with this much value

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    Flexible and reliable service for our global operations. Great support, always ready to help and accommodate requests and features

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    Get Industry-Leading Security and Reliability

    Experience easy-to-use business communication tailored to your needs without compromising on security, reliability, or compliance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How secure is your data center?

    11 points of presence across the globe built to Tier 3 standards, ensure top-tier reliability and security. Our infrastructure is protected by multiple power grids, backup generators, redundant internet connections, and environmental controls. Continuous 24/7 surveillance further fortifies our security measures, providing comprehensive protection for your valuable data.

    What measures do you take to ensure network security?

    Our network architecture is designed to detect and mitigate any potential threats or vulnerabilities, ensuring the highest level of protection for your data.  We employ industry-leading network security protocols, including encryption for at-rest data, secure connections from staff, internal password security and authorizations, and more.

    Can I trust the reliability of your service?

    Absolutely. net2phone has a proven uptime record of 99.97%, making our service highly reliable. Redundant infrastructure, failover, and robust security protocols mean you can count on uninterrupted service.

    Do you comply with industry regulations and standards?

    Yes, net2phone is committed to protecting and handling your data in accordance with several industry standards, including SOC2 compliance, HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, and STIR/SHAKEN compliance.

    What steps do you take to ensure the privacy of your customers' communications?

    Encrypted VoIP service, gated access, secure passwords, and diverse encryption protocols ensure your conversations and data remain private and protected from unauthorized access or interception.

    What is your network service level agreement (SLA)?

    Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines our commitment to delivering exceptional service and support to our customers. Review net2phone's detailed SLA here