Contact Center Solutions for Debt Collections Simplify Outreach and Recover More Debt

    Recover more debt with uContact's omnichannel communication, market-leading autodialers, integrations, and easy scalability.

    Save Time With Automatic Dialers Boost debt recovery by automating outreach, maximizing time, resources, and speed.
    Multiple Channels For Outreach Expand your reach and elevate recovery rates by connecting with debtors across multiple channels.
    Easily Adapt And Scale With Needs Work from anywhere and effortlessly scale to meet evolving demands with seamless flexibility.

    AUTOMATION Reach More Customers In Less Time

    Use auto-dialers to manage high-volume campaigns and difficult-to-contact debtors.

    Progressive and Preview Dialer

    Only connects agents with answered calls and shows debtor details beforehand for tailored communication.

    Predictive Dialer 

    Reduces idle time and increases debtor interactions by dialing multiple numbers simultaneously.

    Broadcast Dialer

    Delivers pre-recorded messages to a large audience, automating debt reminders, notifications, and more.

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    Data Management Boost Efficiency and Results With Accurate Data

    Increase the chance of reaching debtors, prevent errors or disputes, and negotiate repayment more effectively with comprehensive and accurate data.

    Integrations: Integrate your CRM and other SaaS tools.
    Native CRM: Use a built-in CRM for seamless data flow.
    Customizable Forms: Capture specific data during interactions based on campaign needs.
    PCI Compliance: Sensitive information is protected to maintain regulatory compliance.
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    Omnichannel Capabilities Increase Contact Success With More Channels

    Limited by the available channels to reach debtors? Improve your chances of contacting debtors by engaging them on the channels they use most. 

    Available Channels: Phone, email, social media, web chat, chatbot, texting, and more. 
    The Unified Inbox: Centralizes conversations from all channels so you can offer prompt service. 
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    Flexibility Scale And Meet Changing Demands With Ease

    Stay agile, whether you're facing unexpected spikes in call volume or expanding operations. Easy scalability, tailored business rules, and remote work capabilities ensure you can quickly adapt to changing conditions and customer needs. 

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    We evaluated most of the tools available in the market and chose uContact for its high degree of autonomy in customizing the solution. The support of the uContact team during the migration of our entire operation in record time was also critical.

    Carolina Mancera BPM Consulting

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    Thanks to uContact we were able to increase dramatically our collection rate. It is super easy to use and offers all the possible dialers so you can choose the one that suits your campaigns best.

    Jimena M, Validated ReviewerG2 Reviews

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    Reach your debt collection goals with uContact

    We’ll guide you through the powerful features and capabilities that will help you streamline and optimize your collections process for better results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can uContact integrate with our existing CRM or collections system?

    Yes, uContact offers robust capabilities for seamless integration with CRMs or collections systems. Our flexible architecture allows us to create custom integrations tailored to your specific requirements.

    Does uContact offer flexibility to adjust workflows and adapt to changing business needs?

    Absolutely. uContact is flexible. Whether you need to modify an existing workflow or create a new one, uContact’s low-code programming tools and drag-and-drop systems allow you to make changes quickly and efficiently. 

    Can uContact automate tasks such as call routing, dialing, and voicemail drops?

    uContact offers many automation features to streamline repetitive tasks and optimize productivity. 

    • Intelligent routing: matches callers with agents best suited to handle the query.
    • Three automation dialers:  preview/progressive, predictive, and broadcast for efficient outbound campaigns.
    • Automated voicemail drops: allow agents to leave pre-recorded messages with a single click, saving time and ensuring consistency. 

    Can it track key performance metrics and provide insights to improve collection strategies?

    uContact comes equipped with robust analytics and reporting capabilities to track your most important KPIs, so you can extract insights and optimize your collection strategies. Learn more here.

    What training and support options are available for implementing and using the software?

    We understand that successful implementation and adoption require training and support. We provide comprehensive training and resources to get the most from your communication system. Our award-winning support team is there to answer your questions and support you throughout your entire journey with us. 

    Does uContact offer tools for managing compliance, such as call recording and monitoring?

    Yes, uContact includes call recording capabilities so you can capture all your inbound and outbound calls for quality assurance purposes. Agent management lets supervisors listen in live calls, whisper coach agents, and intervene when necessary to ensure compliance. 


    Comprehensive Support We’re your dedicated communications partner, ensuring your communication systems run seamlessly from setup to ongoing maintenance.
    Training Excellence We’re here for your collections team with comprehensive training and resources to help you get the most out of your communication system.
    User-Friendly Platforms uContact’s user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with workflows, allowing your team to focus on optimizing debt recovery.
    Reliability You Can Trust Our robust infrastructure ensures that uContact operates with the highest level of reliability throughout your collections efforts.

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