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    Greet Your Callers Anytime of Day

    Create standard, after-hours, and holiday welcome menus to greet your callers.

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    Elevate Your Business Organization with Welcome Menus

    Streamline Call Flow For You Business Phone System

    Set up your Welcome Menu's so callers are routed to the appropriate team member, department or ring group. Easily organized these menu options within your net2phone portal. Upload existing Welcome Menu recordings or record new greetings through your net2phone portal.

    Highlight Current Company Promotions

    Use Welcome Menus to promote sales, events and other promotions happening within your company at any give time. This is also a great way to notify your customers of any current specials happening when they initially call into your company.

    Greet Your Customers Even After Working Hours

    Set up after-hours Welcome Menus to let customers know that your offices are currently closed but someone will get back to them within the next business day. Generally, this is a good time to provide office hours and any other valuable information the caller would find useful when an agent is not available.

    Create Specialty Welcome Menus

    Set up pre-made holiday, event, and weather-related closure Welcome Menus. Having these in place ahead of time allows you to quickly be able to update your customers with important information such as days off for holidays, sick days, emergency closures, or private events. Simply log into your net2phone portal and upload or record these Welcome Menus ahead of time to help you stay organized and save time in the future.


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