Communication Integrations

    Microsoft Teams Integration with net2phone

    Experience the power of net2phone directly inside of Microsoft Teams.

    Microsoft teams integration

    Microsoft Teams Direct Routing + n2p Cloud PBX

    Enjoy Microsoft Teams but with the power of net2phone’s cloud PBX phone system.

    Unlimited Calling Get unlimited calling to the US, Canada, and 40+ countries.
    net2phone Web and Mobile Apps Enjoy the power of net2phone with WebRTC calling and our web and mobile apps to help you communicate effectively and efficiently.
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    40 + Business Phone features MS Teams direct routing and net2phone’s 40 plus rich features give you the best of both worlds.

    MS Teams Integration Features

    Experience enhanced business communications when combining Microsoft Teams with net2phone.

    Maximize MS Teams

    Get the most out of your MS Teams + net2phone experience.

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