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    You will never miss a call with net2phone’s amazing call queue feature. Customers can be automatically sorted and routed to the agent best equipped to handle their query – boosting first time resolution and customer experience.


    Call queue – sometimes referred to as automatic call distribution – work by answering incoming calls and distributing them to employees within an organization who can resolve an issue or answer a question – usually based on selections made in a menu upon first contact.

    A call queuing software allows callers to be put into a waiting state where their call remains connected until a customer service representative or other relevant staff member becomes available, at which point the customers can be put through, in the order they called in, or as determined by other set parameters.

    What Is A Call Queue Software


    When an agent is available to take the call, they are put through according to the call queue management protocol, which is normally based on rotating, sequential, or simultaneous call routing options.

    Rotating agent selection has inbound calls distributed concurrently to the longest-idle, least-busy agents. Sequential agent selection distributes calls to agents in a particular order or with a skills based routing option, to the agent who is best skilled to answer the call and is frequently used when training new agents. Finally, simultaneous agent selection distributes calls one-at-a-time to all available agents, and the call rings until answered or maximum wait time expires.

    How Does Call Queueing Software Work

    Call Queue Software Benefits for Businesses

    An effective calling queue management system enables businesses to stay organized during busy periods and enhance the customer experience by not forcing them to wait too long or call back if their agents are busy. It also ensures callers are put through to the agent best placed to handle their query and seeks to reduce frustration by avoiding situations where they are passed around multiple CSRs.

    Customer care
    Enhanced Customer Care Each call is important. Call queuing phone systems allow you to acknowledge each caller without having to answer the phone right away. By letting the customer know someone will be with them momentarily gives them a sense of ease and provides a higher chance of them holding on the line.
    Call Queues For Promotional Opportunities
    Use Call Queues For Promotional Opportunities Upload custom music or audio recordings for customers to listen to while on hold in the queue. Use this time to promote sales, specials, or events happening for your company. Easily update these business announcements upon season or occasion.
    Prevent Lost Sales with Call Queuing
    Prevent Lost Sales with Call Queuing Whether it’s advertising directly to callers with custom call queue recordings, or simply making sure their call is directed to the agent best positioned to meet their needs, enabling call queues is a sure-fire way to maximize the opportunity presented by each and every contact.
    Improve Company Productivity
    Improve Company Productivity Evenly dividing calls between all agents prevents employees from getting overwhelmed. Using a call queuing service allows team members to properly complete current calls before they are inundated with new calls. The call flow management is much more orchestrated and easier to handle which in turn promotes productivity and company morale.


    With net2phones powerful unified communications solution, setting up a queue calling system is as easy as one, two, three… four. Head to the ring groups section of the net2phone portal. Click the edit button on the call group you want to enable call queues for. Select the call routing tab. Enable the call queue option and you're all set.


    Once call queuing is active, you can scroll down to find additional options such as uploading your own audio to be played to the caller queue (music on hold) and secondary ringing – which enables phones in the ring group to ring even if already on a call. Once you’re finished with all the options for that ring group, just hit save to apply them.

    You can apply call queue settings independently for all existing ring groups and for new ring groups. For new ring groups, hit the add ring group button and be sure to select the appropriate call queue options while working through the setup process.

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    Improve Company Productivity with Call Queue Software

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