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    Text Messaging Connect In An Instant With Business SMS

    Accelerate communication and connect with teams and customers with your business phone number. Uncover the power of business SMS.

    Separate Work And Personal Use your business number to manage work-related messages and keep personal and professional distinct.
    Add Convenience To Communication Add SMS to your toolkit and make interactions even more convenient and accessible for both teams and clients.
    Increase Open And Response Rates Take advantage of SMS' high open rates and ensure your messages are seen and acted upon quickly.

    Text Messaging Instantly Connect With Your Audience

    When you need to get in touch with clients or colleagues quickly, text messaging lets you connect in a flash. Minimize long response times, and make things happen here and now. 

    Use instant messaging to send: 

    • Reminders and confirmations
    • Targeted marketing and promotions 
    • Urgent notifications
    • and more
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    Two-Way Communication Build Stronger Relationships

    Nurture relationships with your valued customers, teams and partners through two-way conversations. Engage in interactive conversations, add a personal touch and deliver real-time support. 

    • Communicate with external numbers. 
    • Send messages from your portal or mobile app.
    • Continue existing conversations using SMS history.
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    MMS: Multi-Media Messaging Send Captivating Messages

    Go beyond the traditional and make your text messages stand out. Attach images, video and audio files to provide context, improve marketing and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

    • Send and receive images, and animated GIFs. 
    • See delivery and read receipts.
    • Take photos through the mobile app.  
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    Browser-Based For Desktop Login And Text From Anywhere Log in to your net2phone dashboard to manage, message, and oversee all business text messages from one centralized web portal.
    iOS and Android Mobile apps No More Switching Devices Use your business phone number to send text messages from any mobile device. net2phone mobile app available for iOS and Android.

    Talk, Text, and Video All In One App

    It's time to stop switching devices and get more done. Use a single app and a single business phone number for your voice, SMS, fax and multimedia messages.

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    It’s no secret that effective communication is the key to business success. And today’s customers increasingly prefer SMS as a channel for communication. To put it simply, business SMS (Short Message Service) is the use of text messaging for business purposes. Through mobile devices or communication systems, organizations can send and receive texts.

    In today's digital age, we are witnessing the rise of SMS messaging for business. This is not surprising, as it allows businesses to connect instantly in a convenient and cost-effective way. SMS service offers businesses a new way to communicate with their customers, teams, and partners. 

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    Businesses can improve customer engagement, reduce response times, and build relationships using business SMS. Here are some ways to do that:

    Send Reminders And Confirmations

    Send customers, suppliers and other partners timely reminders and confirmations. This can be appointment reminders, delivery notifications, event updates and more. It’s convenient and ensures that necessary information reaches the recipient quickly. 

    Phone screen with order confirmation SMS

    Send Targeted Marketing And Promotions

    The high open rates associated with SMS, makes it an ideal channel to send personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. Send promotional offers, discounts and exclusive deals. These initiatives can help drive sales and boost customer loyalty.

    Phone screen with promotional SMS

    Send Time-Sensitive Alerts

    When time is of the essence, SMS can be an invaluable tool. Whether you need to contact a colleague for urgent assistance or let your customers know about last-minute changes, SMS lets you connect in an instant.

    Phone screen with time sensitive update SMS

    Send Urgent Notifications And Critical Updates

    In an urgent situation, SMS allows organizations to quickly disseminate critical updates. This can include natural disaster alerts, safety instructions or service disruptions. Communication through this method can help ensure customer and team safety.

    Phone screen with urgent notification SMS

    Customer Support And Feedback

    With a dedicated SMS number, companies can offer a convenient and accessible way for customers to reach out. They can use this channel to seek assistance, ask questions or provide feedback. 

    Phone screen with customer support SMS

    Instant Communication With Team Members 

    Get in touch with colleagues and other team members to get support or additional information in a flash. With quick answers and support, work will get done faster and with less friction. 

    Phone screen with SMS between team members

    Business SMS Benefits

    The use of business SMS is increasing due to its numerous advantages. Here are some of the benefits of adding business SMS to your communication toolkit.

    Little To No Training A major advantage of using business SMS is the ease with which it can be used. With the widespread use of texting, there is less of a learning curve for both teams and customers. With minimal training, employees can start using SMS as a new communication tool straight away.
    Cost Effective SMS helps optimize resource use, lowers overhead costs, and delivers a higher return on investment. This is achieved through improved efficiency, targeted outreach, and streamlined customer interactions. It is an attractive and cost-effective option for all businesses.
    High Open Rates Text messages have an open rate of over 98% within minutes of delivery! This makes it one of the most effective channels. Emails often have low open rates, end up in spam folders, or go unread. SMS helps ensure that your message reaches the right people, at the right time.
    Instant Communication Sometimes, real-time communication is crucial. Whether sending urgent notifications, time-sensitive notices, or critical alerts, SMS eliminates the delays associated with other communication channels. This way you can address issues promptly and save time.
    Increased Engagement SMS is a great tool to connect with leads and customers to answer questions, send information and more. Your audience can reply and engage with the message. This can lead to stronger relationships, higher conversions and an increase in brand loyalty.
    Enhanced Customer Experience Personalization and quick replies can dramatically improve customer service and experience. The immediate and personal nature of SMS ensures that customers feel valued and supported. Customer loyalty and satisfaction can be increased as a result.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are my options when sending SMS for business?

    With net2phone, you can send and receive business SMS using your net2phone phone number. You can initiate two-way text conversations and send multimedia, including audio, video and files.

    How does SMS with the net2phone mobile app work?

    Once you’re set up with your net2phone account, you can download our mobile app. Available for both iOS and Android, you can send text messages directly from your mobile device. See how it works here.

    What are the best practices for using text messaging in business?

    Business messaging is popular, and customers often prefer it. However, there are some best practices you ought to follow. This includes establishing a business relationship before you start texting. Learn about what else you should avoid here.

    What about mass texting or sending a large volume of texts?

    Check out uContact, our contact center solution to support high-volume texting. With it, you can also leverage other messaging tools like Whatsapp and Webchat.

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