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    Communicate Better, With VoIP Phone Systems For Healthcare

    Discover a cost-effective, secure, and reliable medical office phone system that puts patient experience and communication at the heart of your practice.

    Telehealth Solutions

    VoIP for Medical Practices

    A medical office phone system must be backed up by the best and latest digital technology to deliver critical information and communications efficiently. 

    net2phone’s powerful VoIP phone system for healthcare is a cloud solution that ensures your patients are receiving the best possible experience while keeping information safe with the latest cybersecurity and HIPPA-compliant processes.

    Doctors use medical office phone system for calling, messaging and video conferencing on the smartphone, tablet and laptop

    Experience the Benefits of the Cloud Phone System for Medical Offices

    When you choose a medical phone system package with net2phone, your practice, hospital, or care center instantly gains access to a host of VoIP features designed from the ground up to make your entire operation more efficient and effective than ever before.

    Increase Productivity Spend less time redirecting calls and more time delivering an incredible experience for your service users with many automated features including auto attendant, auto dialer, intelligent routing, voice and touch activated menus and more
    Cost-Saving With all your telephony needs hosted in the cloud, there is nothing to maintain but your computers and handsets. Plus, with all the features provided by net2phone, there’s no need to spend on additional services.
    Improve Patient Experience When calling into your healthcare center, patients can quickly and easily be put through to the right department or caregiver and have their query dealt with in a timely and sensitive manner.
    Security and Reliability The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. net2phone is proud to state that it is fully HIPPA compliant, so your patients can relax knowing their data is safe and secure.

    Must-have Features For Your Healthcare Practice

    When choosing a healthcare phone system, you want to make sure you have access to the latest productivity and security features, backed up by the latest in innovative technology. net2phone has you covered.

    Auto Attendant

    With the considerable number of calls often coming into a busy health center, the business of answering each one can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. net2phone’s powerful auto attendant feature ensures each call is answered quickly and consistently and key information is delivered every time.

    Call Queue & Routing

    Nobody enjoys waiting in a call queue. Thankfully, net2phone’s advanced call queue and routing software works harmoniously with all our other features to make sure calls are quickly and efficiently delivered to the necessary department or staff member, and callers are kept informed at every step of the queueing process.

    Welcome Menu & Hold Music

    Making sure callers are welcomed properly every time is of utmost importance to healthcare providers. With net2phone’s welcome menu, callers can make sure they are being transferred to the right place every time. During busy periods customizable hold audio can play music or even deliver vital information or marketing messages.

    SMS Messaging & Live Chat

    Today, many people prefer to communicate with businesses using text, rather than by phone. With net2phone's phone systems for healthcare, your medical service can offer SMS messaging and live chat options as an alternative to video conferencing or phone calls. With the sensitive nature of healthcare communications rest easy knowing that net2phone’s text-based features are just as HIPPA compliant and secure as our VoIP services.

    Mobile App

    In today’s world where remote working and out-of-office care is becoming increasingly popular, a robust mobile communication solution is no longer an optional extra. Make sure your healthcare professionals are always reachable with net2phone’s powerful and secure mobile app. Make and receive calls, send texts and live chat, and much more with the net2phone mobile app for your healthcare provider.

    Medical Office Software Integration

    The modern healthcare provider needs to leverage several platforms – both internal and external – to make sure they are delivering the best experience possible to their patients. With seamless integration with many of the best and most popular medical office software platforms, net2phone makes sure your healthcare professionals always have access to the information they need to deliver superior levels of care.

    Patient Confidentiality is Our Top Priority

    The privacy of our customers’ (and their customers’) data has always been a top priority. net2hone’s healthcare communication solution is available with HIPAA-ready video conferencing, fax, call recording, voicemail and voicemail transcription features.

    Telemedicine Secure Telemedicine Keep doctor-patient conversations secure and ensure complete privacy and confidentiality with HIPAA complaint VoIP phone service from net2phone
    Fax Encrypted Fax Keep patient information confidential with our inbound and outbound virtual fax that conceals personal and private information.
    Phone Voicemail & Call Recording Have the security of knowing that your voicemail messages and transcriptions are protected with this important HIPAA-eligible service. Capture crucial information through call recording and reference it at any time.
    Security Protocol HIPAA & BAA Compliant net2phone ensures we have record policies on the handling of information deemed to be sensitive as well as conducting HIPAA training with our staff. We will also sign a business associate agreement (BAA) to ensure compliance and protect your healthcare practice.
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    Healthcare Phone Systems FAQs

    What phone systems do hospitals use?

    There are 3 main phone systems that hospitals use:

    • Internal PBX - a traditional hospital phone system where all hardware and equipment are installed on-site.
    • IP-PBX - is a mix of cloud phone systems with traditional PBX. 
    • Cloud-Based Systems - the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective phone system for hospitals due to all equipment and hardware are hosted on external servers.

    Do hospitals use VoIP?

    Definitely, yes. The VoIP phone system is the most modern and future-reach phone system for hospitals and clinics. It helps them increase productivity, provide better service, improve patient experience, and reduce the costs of telecommunication services. 

    Is net2phone HIPAA compliant?

    At net2phone, we take our responsibilities regarding customer data extremely seriously which is why we launched a HIPAA compliance program for select net2phone communications and collaboration solutions. We will also sign a business associate agreement (BAA) to ensure compliance and protect your healthcare practice.

    Are VoIP phones HIPAA compliant?

    Absolutely, yes. All our devices and equipment meet the following requirements: authentication, encryption, and business associate agreement to keep patient information confidential. 

    It’s Time To Communicate Better With VoIP Healthcare Phone System

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