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    Bring teams together, unleash the power of collaboration and make connecting seamless. Join and start high-quality meetings anytime on any device with Huddle.

    Work From Anywhere No matter where you are, face to face meetings are just a click away. Connect, collaborate and drive results from anywhere.
    Easy Set Up And Use Set up and join meetings effortlessly without worrying about technical complexities. Instead, focus on what matters - your conversation.
    One-Stop Provider Eliminate the need for multiple providers. Simplify and get your phone and video conferencing needs covered by a single, reliable provider.

    Work From Anywhere Meet Whenever And Wherever You Are


    HD Video Quality
    Feel like you’re in the same room with crystal clear video and audio. Present, pitch or collaborate distraction-free and get work done faster. 

    Backgrounds and Blur 
    Keep it professional no matter where you are. Add video backgrounds, customize your own or blur your surroundings and join meetings with confidence. 

    Connect With Or Without An App
    From wherever you are, choose the most convenient way for you to connect. Connect to huddle via browser or download the mobile app or use a dial in number.

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    Achieve More Together

    Bridge physical distance and unlock new levels of collaboration

    Productivity + Efficiency Achieve Maximum Productivity


    Video Call Recordings
    Record your online meeting and save it automatically to Dropbox. Revise details or share recordings with team members who couldn’t attend the meeting. 

    Calendar Integrations
    Make scheduling easy by integrating Huddle with your Outlook or Google Calendar. Send invitations and manage your calendar without ever switching a tab. 

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    Video Conferencing With Peace of Mind

    Ensure Secure and Reliable Video Conferencing With Huddle

    Security Protocols Grade A score on security protocols from SSL labs.
    Encrypted Traffic Your media traffic is encrypted with DTLS-SRTP.
    9 Digit Password Every meeting has a randomly generated password.
    Password Required Meetings cannot be created without a password.
    Guest Access Guest access is controlled securely for every meeting.
    Moderator Tools Moderator has rights to mute or remove any participant.
    Deleted Data All conference data is deleted when the conference ends.
    No 3rd Party Data Conferencing data never gets sent to third parties.

    Video Conferencing At Your Fingertips

    Join and host online meetings from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.

    Browser-Based For Desktop Join or start online meetings instantly, no downloads needed.
    iOS and Android Mobile App Call, text and video conference all from the same app.

    Connect, Collaborate and Achieve Results, From Anywhere

    Get phone, SMS, and video conferencing all in one platform. Experience the net2phone difference.

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    A video conferencing platform is a technology solution that enables real-time communication and collaboration between people in different locations. It bridges the gap between distances.  Colleagues, partners, and clients can communicate instantly face-to-face no matter where they are.

    Video conferencing platforms leverage audio and video transmission, screen sharing, and interactive features to create a virtual meeting space. 

    Relying solely on phone calls or texts can feel distant. Alternatively, video conferencing makes remote communication feel more personal and engaging. 

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    Video conferencing brings a variety of benefits to both individuals and organizations. It eliminates geographical barriers, saves time and money, and enhances productivity. Remote work becomes seamless, teams collaborate effectively, and opportunities expand globally.

    Enhanced Communication: 

    Team members, clients, partners and others are often located in different places. But with video conferencing, face-to-face communication is still possible. This medium enables participants to take in visual cues, gestures and expressions just as they would in person. These cues facilitate understanding and can lead to better outcomes.

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    Increased Productivity:

    Quick decision-making and problem-solving can be a superpower in business. With video conferencing, you can minimize delays related to travel and in person meetings, and start working now. Schedule an online meeting, optimize work schedules and reduce downtime.

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    Cost Savings:

    Replacing in-person meetings with video conferencing can lead to large savings. Businesses can significantly reduce travel expenses associated with airfare, accommodation, and transportation. For larger gatherings, it can eliminate the need for venue rentals and catering. Over time, this can result in substantial cost savings.

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    Global Reach:

    The ability to collaborate and establish partnerships globally is invaluable. Global clients, partners, and stakeholders can connect via video conferencing. When trying to expand into new markets, this medium of communication can play a crucial role. The ability to collaborate and establish partnerships globally is invaluable. Global clients, partners, and stakeholders can connect via video conferencing. When trying to expand into new markets, this medium of communication can play a crucial role. 

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    Flexibility and Convenience:

    Video calls allow remote teams to work together seamlessly. This ability accommodates flexible work arrangements and improves work-life balance.

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    Improved Collaboration and Teamwork:

    Screen sharing, file sharing, and virtual whiteboards promote collaborative teamwork. Teams can work together on projects, brainstorm ideas, and share information in real-time.

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    Competitive Advantage:

    Using video conferencing as a core communication can be a powerful differentiator. This capability can improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and strengthen market position.

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    Environmental Sustainability:

    Reducing the need for travel lowers carbon emissions associated with transportation. Using video conferencing can align with corporate social responsibility initiatives. Its use demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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    Features: Choosing The Right Video Conferencing Platform For Your Business

    The right video conferencing platform is crucial for a smooth and successful experience. Consider factors such as scalability, ease of use, integration capabilities, and security. Evaluating specific needs and requirements helps identify the most suitable solution.

    Superior Video and Audio Quality: You want to ensure smooth and seamless video conference calls. Choose a platform that offers high-definition video and crystal-clear audio. As a result, each participant can engage in meetings with exceptional clarity.
    Screen Sharing and Collaboration Features: Select a video conferencing platform with features that make collaboration effortless. Look for screen sharing, chat options, reactions, and easy integration with your calendar. These features can help a business promote more productive and efficient conversations.
    Enhanced Security and Privacy: Protecting sensitive information is paramount for any business. Prioritize a platform that offers robust security features. Look for encrypted data, secure data storage, and user authentication protocols. You can feel confident that the meeting remains confidential and safe from unauthorized access.
    Multi-Participant Meetings: Choose conferencing platforms that allow for larger meeting sizes. This way, whether you have a small team meeting or a large-scale presentation, you can accommodate everyone. Streaming or broadcasting is also powerful as it allows you to convey your message, news, and updates on a large scale.
    Video Recording and Playback Options: Recording online meetings and revisiting them later is often invaluable in business. Choose a platform that allows recording so participants can review important discussions, share with absent team members, or use as training material.
    Moderator Controls: Controls allow moderators to manage and host video conferencing meetings effectively. With the right controls, the moderator can ensure a smooth and efficient video conference experience. Look for capabilities like mute, remove participants and screen sharing control.
    Video Backgrounds: Ensure professionalism with preset backgrounds for your video conference calls. Look for customization options to add personality or branded images. Maintain privacy by choosing platforms with background blur options.
    Ease and Accessibility: Video conferencing solutions often require downloads, which can make the joining meetings more challenging. This is especially true when you are trying to conduct meetings with people outside of your organization. The ability to use video conferencing through a browser guarantees ease and accessibilty for all participants.
    Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: Time is of the essence for success-driven brands. Choose a platform with an intuitive interface that lets you easily set up and join meetings. You will maximize productivity and minimize the learning curve, ensuring your team can focus on what's important.


    Industries and sectors across the world use video conferencing for a variety of purposes. Let's explore some compelling use cases:

    Remote Team Collaboration: Allow distributed teams to collaborate seamlessly. Teams can brainstorm, discuss and make decisions despite being apart.
    Client Meetings And Sales Pitches Conduct virtual client meetings and sales pitches. Showcase your products or services, answer questions, and close deal without travelling.
    Education And Training: Students and professionals can access immersive educational experiences through virtual classrooms, interactive webinars, and remote training sessions from anywhere in the world.
    Healthcare Consultations: Enable telemedicine and virtual healthcare consultations with online meetings. This is important for patients in remote areas or those with limited mobility. Healthcare providers can work to assess, diagnose, and treat patients remotely. This can ensure timely and convenient care.
    Customer Support And Training Incorporate features like screen sharing or meeting recording in support or training cases. Screen sharing can empower your team to quickly and clearly address issues. Recordings can support training initiatives.
    Interviews And Recruitment Video interviews empower organizations to widen their talent pool when hiring. It allows companies to interview candidates from across the world. The hiring process can go much fast by skipping in-person interviews and scheduling.




    stir-shaken Internet Connection: 
    A stable internet connection is essential for smooth video conferencing. You will avoid visual interruptions that could disrupt or disconnect your meeting. Ensure all participants have a reliable internet connection. This will help optimize the video conferencing experience.

    net2phone-icon-Still Camera Camera: 
    Most modern laptops and desktops have built-in cameras that capture high-quality video. If your device does not have a camera, you can easily use an external webcam. This will help ensure clear and crisp video transmission.

    blurred-background Display Screen: 
    You'll need a compatible device with a screen to display the video image. You can use your computer screen, a monitor, a laptop, a TV screen, a tablet, a mobile or even a projection device. Select the option that meets your needs and gives you a clear, immersive viewing experience.

    All participants must have a functional microphone for effective audio transmission. In most laptops and desktops, microphones are built-in, ensuring seamless communication. If your device does not have a microphone, you can use an external USB microphone to capture and transmit clear audio.

    overhead-paging-system Speakers: 
    You can use the built-in speakers on your computer or laptop to hear the audio during video conferencing. Alternatively, you can use headphones or headsets for enhanced audio quality and privacy. Ensure that your speakers deliver clear and intelligible sound to facilitate smooth communication.



    It is essential to adopt best practices when it comes to video conferencing. Creating an engaging and collaborative environment leads to successful outcomes. Here’s how to ensure a smooth experience:

    Test Equipment and Connectivity: 
    Before a video conference, ensure that your equipment is functioning. Check the camera, microphone, and speakers. For a smooth meeting experience, ensure your internet connection is stable and reliable.

    Choose a Quiet and Well-Lit Environment: 
    Find a quiet location with minimal background noise. Quiet spaces will help prevent distractions during the meeting. Use proper lighting to ensure participants can see you clearly and your facial expressions are visible.

    Use a Neutral Background or Virtual Background: 
    Avoid distractions and choose a neutral, clutter-free background. Alternatively, blur your background or use a virtual background to maintain privacy and professionalism.

    Mute Yourself When Not Speaking: 
    Use the platform’s mute button when you are not speaking to minimize background noise. By doing this, you can maintain audio clarity and prevent disruptions.

    Use Visual Aids and Screen Sharing: 
    Use visual aids, such as slides or documents, to enhance your presentations or discussions. Screen sharing can help share content and collaborate on projects.

    Practice Good Meeting Etiquette: 
    Follow the meeting organizer's guidelines and adhere to meeting etiquette. Use raise hand or chat functions for questions or comments. You will be able to engage actively and respectfully.

    Record or Summarize Important Points: 
    If allowed and relevant, record the meeting or assign someone to take notes and summarize key points and action items. The goal is to ensure everyone is on the same page and facilitate follow-up tasks.

    End the Meeting Gracefully: 
    Thank all participants for their time and contributions before ending the meeting. Clarify any next steps, assignments, or deadlines, and summarize important takeaways.

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