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    Web Calling

    Make and receive calls directly from your computer with net2phone web calling

    net2phone provides Web Calling which allows you to make and receive calls right from your computer with no additional hardware required.

    web calling

    Get Web Calling with net2phone

    Web Calling Made Easy

    Make and receive calls directly from your computer with our desktop dialer for web calls. Our robust user-friendly portal allows you to manage and view all calls, voicemails, and recordings in one convenient place.

    No Hardware Required

    With net2phone web calling, there is no hardware required. Simply login to your net2phone portal and start making and receiving web calls directly from your desktop computer.

    Unlimited International Web Calling

    net2phone provides unlimited calling to the US, Canada, and over 40 international countries. This includes virtual phone numbers (DIDs) in over 50 countries & 300 cities.

    Call Recording For Web Calls

    Improve your customer service with call recording from net2phone. Coach your team more effectively, capture customer details and, or any additional information you might have missed during a call.

    Web Call Transferring

    Seamlessly transfer web calls directly or with an attendee transfer to specific users or departments from your desktop, just as you would with your desk phone.


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