Make Calls From Your Computer With Web Calling

    With net2phone's WebRTC web calling feature you can make and receive calls, using your business phone number, right from your computer with no additional hardware required.


    A web call is any phone call made over the internet using a web browser. The WebRTC web calling feature allows you to make and receive calls, using your net2phone business phone number, directly from your computer. 

    Web calling

    Transform Your Browser into a Powerful Phone with Web Calling

    With net2phone’s unified communications solution, your computer becomes a powerful business tool, able to make and receive phone calls to and from anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system. With a PBX hosted in the cloud, all you need is a computer, a hand- or headset – or simply use your computer’s built in speakers and microphone – and an internet connection to manage your day-to-day business communications and make and receive phone calls from your computer. You can even host conference calls and video meetings with our enterprise grade web conference call software and video conferencing solutions. Do away with outdated end expensive physical hardware, high calling costs, and disruptive maintenance schedules with a powerful web calling system from net2phone.

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    Why Businesses Choose Web Calling

    In today’s busy global marketplace, businesses need to engage with stakeholders and partners from all over the world. Web Calling offers many benefits for businesses from an easy way to make phone calls, free international calling, and web conference calls for your team.

    Web Calling FAQ

    What is a web call?

    A web call is any phone call made over an internet browser. 

    What is a web service call?

    A web service call is a call made by one electronic device to another electronic device, communicating with each other via the Internet

    How do I make a phone call from my computer?

    You simply open the web calling application in a compatible web browser. Then you dial the number from a dialpad or select the contact you wish to call and let the service do the rest.

    What numbers can I call from my computer?

    You can call any number you could from a desk phone, mobile phone, or traditional landline - both domestic to international. 

    Can I call mobile numbers with a web call?

    Yes, you can call business phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, personal phone numbers, and international phone numbers with web calling - any phone number can be dialed from a cloud based phone system.

    How much do web calls cost?

    With net2phone you only pay your monthly service charge. There are no additional charges for calls, unless they are out-of-plan calls. net2phone includes US, Canada, Mexico, India, and 40 other countries for free international business calling.

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