Cloud Contact Center Solution for BPO

    Cloud Contact Center Solution for BPO Deliver Tailored Service To Your BPO Clients

    Easily customize uContact to meet the unique needs of your clients for seamless workflows and superior service.

    Optimize Your Efficiency Streamline operations with automation features, advanced analytics, agent management tools, and more.
    Boost Customer Experience Provide exceptional and personalized support with omnichannel capabilities and real-time insights.
    Quick And Easy Scalability As your BPO evolves, uContact easily scales to accommodate your needs without any disruptions to service.

    Omnichannel support Exceptional Customer Experiences On Any Channel

    Give your BPO the flexibility to support customers across any channel. Allow customers to choose their preferred channels, from social media to live chat, telephone, SMS, and more.

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    Scalability Scale and Meet Demands Without Overpaying

    As clients' call volumes fluctuate, uContact lets you scale and quickly align resources with actual demand. Easily adjust the number of users, extensions, and other features. Pay-as-you-go options ensure you only pay for what you need.

    Customization Easily Adapt To Every Need

    It's effortless to customize uContact to suit your company's needs or your client's specific workflow requirements. 

    Drag And Drop Workflows

    Adjust business logic for each client and align with their specific needs and workflows.

    Reporting Tools

    Customize reports and track data that matter most for you and your clients.

    Agent Management Tools

    Adjust schedules, breaks, performance metrics, and more.

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    Integrations Streamline Workflows With Client-Specific Integrations

    Integrate uContact with your own or your clients' tools.  Integrate your CRM, ticketing software, workforce management, and other systems for seamless data exchange and workflow automation.

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    uContact: Experience The Advantage of The Cloud

    Expand Your Reach Expand potential workforce and customer support by accessing your system from anywhere with internet.
    Easy Deployment Quickly get your operations up and running without needing equipment and on-premise infrastructure.
    Lower Costs uContact's cloud-based platform lets you skip hefty upfront capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance.


    SOC 2 COMPLIANCE Our solutions are SOC 2 compliant, ensuring stringent controls over the processing, storage, and transmission of customer data.
    PCI COMPLIANCE We adhere to PCI compliance standards, safeguarding payment card data with robust security measures during transmission, processing, and storage.
    STIR/SHAKEN Our solutions are STIR/SHAKEN compliant, providing authentication protocols to combat caller ID spoofing and ensure the legitimacy of phone calls.
    COPC QUALITY STANDARDS Our solutions adhere to COPC quality standards, ensuring exceptional service delivery and customer satisfaction.
    One of the main differences is the degree of autonomy and customization that uContact allows. The stability and robustness is a differentiating factor. The ease of use of uContact and the human team, which has accompanied us throughout the process
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does your pricing structure work, and what factors determine the cost?

    Our customer experience solutions are customized to your exact needs, and therefore, pricing can vary. Factors that determine costs include the number of agents, features required, usage volume, and additional customizations and integrations. View uContact pricing and plans.

    What types of communication channels does your contact center solution support?

    uContact supports a wide range of communication channels to best support your customers. Voice, email, live chat, SMS, social media, Whatsapp, live chat and more. All interactions are managed through the unified inbox for seamless customer interactions across any channel. Discover the potential of omnichannel contact centers. 

    What security measures are in place to protect sensitive customer data?

    uContact incorporates industry-leading encryption protocols, access controls, and compliance with several industry standards. Our platform adheres to COPC quality standards and compliance with SOC2, HIPAA, PCI and STIR/SHAKEN to safeguard data privacy. We implement regular security audits and updates to mitigate any vulnerabilities. Learn more about net2phone security here. 

    How does your solution handle high call volumes and ensure efficient call routing?

    uContact is designed to efficiently handle high call volumes with unlimited call queues. With intelligent routing, calls are automatically distributed to the appropriate agent based on factors such as skills, availability, and customer priority. This ensures quick response times and resolutions. Learn more about call queue management.

    What level of technical support and training do you provide for implementing and using your solution?

    We provide comprehensive technical support and training to ensure smooth implementation and usage of uContact. Support is available for setup, configuration, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance. To maximize the benefits of our solution, we also provide training resources and training sessions.

    Does uContact offer tools for managing compliance, such as call recording and monitoring?

    Yes, uContact includes call recording capabilities so you can capture all your inbound and outbound calls for quality assurance purposes. Agent management lets supervisors listen in live calls, whisper coach agents, and intervene when necessary to ensure compliance. 


    Comprehensive Support From setup to ongoing maintenance, we are available 24/7 as your dedicated communications partner.
    Training Excellence Training sessions and resources ensure your team has the skills and knowledge to navigate the system and excel in their roles.
    User-Friendly Platforms We prioritize ease of use to ensure that your BPO team can navigate the system effortlessly and focus on delivering superior customer experiences.
    Reliability You Can Trust The platform is built on robust infrastructure with 99.97% uptime, so you can depend on a solution that meets your client's needs.

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