Powerhouse SoftPhone

    net2phone's Powerhouse SoftPhone with Presence Panel Functionality

    Handle large call volumes like a pro with RCon, the N2P web-based Powerhouse SoftPhone console.

    receptionist console

    How Your Company Can Benefit from a Powerhouse SoftPhone

    Manage large volumes of inbound and outbound calls to optimize your workflow.

    Presence Panel Functionality

    Our Powerhouse SoftPhone displays your entire team on your screen which gives you visibility to see who is actively on a call and who is available to take a call. This prevents users from transferring callers to occupied or out-of-office employees. This simple interface makes customer communication that much easier.

    A Feature-rich Powerhouse SoftPhone

    Now you can easily have your organization's calls answered promptly and transferred with ease. Seamlessly stay connected by being able to:

    • Direct Incoming Calls
    • Use the "Drag & Drop" Quick Calling Feature
    • Search for Contacts
    • Transfer & Park Calls
    • Utilize 3-Way Calling
    • Have Presence Panel Functionality

    Use RCon To Streamline Contact Searches

    A simple search narrows down your results to expedite your transfer. Search by the employee, department, ring group, and welcome menus for efficiency.

    Efficient Call Routing Through N2P's Powerhouse Softphone

    Warm Transferring allows you to announce the call before transferring the recipient to make sure a team member is available to take the call, thus creating a better customer experience. In addition, use one-click transfers to quickly transfer to the appropriate team members, departments, or ring groups.


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