N2P Compliances

    net2phone continuously participates in compliance and certification programs to ensure our standards go above and beyond your expectations. Learn how your information is protected, your communications are safe and secure, and protecting your best interests are always top of mind.

    Healthcare Compliances

    HIPAA Compatible: By participating in the HIPAA Compliance program, net2phone is able to sign HIPAA business associate agreements for healthcare organizations wanting to work with a HIPAA compatible provider.

    net2hone’s UCaaS services are available with the following HIPAA-ready features:

    • Call Recording
    • Voicemail
    • Voicemail Transcription

    Emergency Compliances

    Ray Baum Act: The Ray Baum's Act makes it easier for first responders to manage emergency situations by providing fire, police and ambulance services with more precise geographic locations.

    Kari's Law: This law was put in place for organizations that own or operate their own phone system. Upon dialing 911 no prefix code is required to make the emergency call. This also allows a valid callback number that can be used by the dispatcher in order to reconnect directly with the caller. 

    e911: This service automatically displays the telephone number and physical location of the 911 caller. Unlike other 911 calls, this compliance provides the 911 operator with the caller's exact location to ensure emergency services can access the correct location.


    Data/Spoofing Protection Compliances

    Payment Card Industry Data (PCI): PCI Compliance is administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and is the security standard for organizations that handle credit card purchases. net2phone's PCI merchant compliance ensures credit card purchase information is protected when we are processing payments for net2phone services from our customers.

    Service Organization Control 2 (SOC2): This voluntary compliance is an auditing procedure that ensures net2phone securely manages your data to protect the interests of your organization and clients. The standard is based on the following Trust Services Criteria: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, privacy.

    STIR/SHAKEN: net2phone is committed to doing our part to reduce the number of illegal robocalls, and caller ID spoofing calls that plague both businesses and consumers. The STIR/SHAKEN regulation plays a role in eliminating these types of calls, as does extensive traffic monitoring. net2phone is registered in the FCC robocall mitigation database, and we are members of the Industry Traceback Group members where we actively participate and comply with all industry standards. 


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