Better Education Video Conferencing

    Not your run-of-the-mill education video conferencing solution, net2phone’s Huddle and UCaaS solutions are easier to use. Hybrid learning is more engaging and effective with net2phone.

    Easy to Use n2p Huddle video conferencing is easy to use. Say goodbye to technical glitches.
    Video Recording Record live sessions for absent students or use recordings to send to students as a study aid.
    Reactions and Hand Raising Students can engage and participate with features like reactions and raise a hand when wanting to speak.

    Why You Need Access to Hybrid Teaching

    Learn about the importance of video conferencing and best practices in hybrid teaching. 

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    Keep Students Learning from Anywhere with Powerful Communication for Education

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    A+ Education Video Conferencing

    Our features are sure to get a passing grade.

    Reliability Up to a 99.9% Uptime You don’t have to worry about downtime and outages.
    Experience Long History Providing Communication Tools net2phone has been helping institutions communicate for over 30 years.
    Support 24/7 Customer Support Should you ever need help, our US-based team is available to help.
    Features Innovative Communication Features Our platform is homegrown by some of the best in the space, constantly updating our features to improve the user experience.

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