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    net2phone is making voicemail and on-hold audio simple and effective.

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    net2phone Voicemail Options

    Never check your voicemail again with net2phone's voicemail-to-email option. Voice messages are transcribed to text and sent via email so you can instantly view your voicemail at a glance.

    Audio Messages:
    In addition to the email transcription, you can also receive an audio recording of all voicemails directly to your email for convenience.

    Voicemail Access Through Your net2phone Portal

    Make sure to not miss any customer details by having access to all of your saved voicemails within your portal. Download and save your voicemails for training or verification purposes.

    Keep Customers Engaged While On-hold

    Recorded Auto: Play specified auto recordings for your customers to listen to while on-hold. Use this time to promote exclusive sales, special announcements, or upcoming events. Easily update your on-hold recordings based on the season.

    Music On Hold: Don't leave your customers hanging! Keep them entertained while waiting by uploading music of your choosing or a custom company jingle.

    Default Option: Not sure what you'd like to select for your on-hold recording? Don't even have time to think about it? No problem! net2phone has your back with our default musical option.

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