Call Blocking

    Prevent Unwanted Calls with net2phone Call Blocking

    Eliminate spam calls, telemarketing, and more.

    Call blocking

    Complete Call Blocking Control

    Call Blocking Made Easy

    Enable call blocking within the Blocked Caller section of your net2phone portal. Simply click "add blocked number" and type in the number you wish to block.

    Specified Call Blocking Options

    Block unwanted numbers by country code level, area code, toll-free, or by specific number. In addition, net2phone provides a wildcard option that allows you to block multiple numbers within a range of numbers. Use an asterisk behind any set of numbers you wish to block, and all future calls from the sequence will be blocked automatically.

    Incoming Call Screening

    View all blocked calls within the call history section of your portal to track call blocking patterns. Choose to accept, reject, or block incoming calls within your net2phone account.

    Admin and User Call Blocking Controls

    Admins have the ability to control, add and manage blocked numbers within the entire account. Users also have the ability to block numbers within their own individual account if the admin deems rights.


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