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    40+ VoIP Features For Your Business

    Everything you’d expect from a world-class business phone system, coupled with advanced VoIP features that will empower your business's communications and help facilitate growth.

    VoIP Features to Support Your Business

    Stay on top of all of the communications when running a business - both in and out of the office - with a seamless unified communications solution. We've built robust VoIP features into a seamless application to elevate your business communications and serve your customers efficiently.

    Calling Features Everything from basic VoIP features such as call forwarding, transferring, and voicemail to unlimited nationwide and international to over 40 countries, and robust features such as welcome greetings, call recording, call queues, and music on hold.
    Omnichannel Features Stay connected in the office, on the go, or working from home with easy to use web and mobile applications, video conferencing, text messaging, voicemail to email transcription, find me / follow me, and virtual office business phone system features.
    User Friendly Portals Easily manage your entire business phone system and all of the VoIP features from an intuitive web-based portal. With both admin and user views, access individual, department or company wide call logs and statistics, detailed analytics and reporting tools.

    40+ VoIP Features to Look for from Your Business Phone Provider

    Activate smarter communications with a full set of advanced VoIP features for your business phone system. Take a look at some of the innovative VoIP features that net2phone business customers find most useful.


    Unlimited Calling

    Make and receive calls anywhere in the US and Canada, PLUS over 40 international countries, all included and truly unlimited for every user in your organization. Learn More
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    The web-based user application lets you access your entire business phone system and make or receive calls right from a laptop or computer, with no additional desk phone or hardware required. Learn More
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    Video Conferencing

    Secure, seamless face-to-face video interactions with net2phone Huddle - fully equipped with live emoji reactions, video call recording, and more. Learn More
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    Microsoft Teams Integration

    A seamless, native integration for your Microsoft Teams applications via direct routing or bundled with UCaaS. Learn More
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    Mobile App

    Easily distinguish between a personal call and a business call with the net2phone mobile app. Call and text from your business number and access all of your business phone system features right from your cell phone. Learn More
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    SMS/MMS Texting

    Send and receive text messages, pictures, and multimedia messages from your business phone number - from both the web and mobile applications. Learn More
    Auto attendant feature

    Auto Attendant

    Customized a welcome greeting to answer incoming calls, provide information and options to callers, and route calls to the proper person or department. Learn More

    Time-Based Greetings

    Customize welcome messaging and schedule time based intervals to change your greeting or routing options for holidays or special hours.

    Call Queues

    Organize your teams and departments into queues so that callers can be routed appropriately when selecting options from the welcome menus. Learn More

    Call Routing

    Create rules that automatically route callers to the next available person or department based on criteria you set.
    Target Audience

    Ring Groups

    Improve call routing by creating groups of phone numbers or extensions that ring together, simultaneously. Learn More

    Call Recording

    Enable call recording to log and save your calls so you don't miss important details, or to use the interactions for employee training. Learn More

    Find Me/Follow Me

    Enable incoming phone calls to be received at different locations or on multiple devices at the same time so you never miss a call, no matter where your business takes you.
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    Remote Office

    Combine multiple locations, employees working from home, or offices in other countries all under one phone system.


    Let users leave a voice message for you when you’re unavailable and receive notifications for new messages across all your devices.

    Voicemail to Email Transcription

    Access your voicemail messages even easier by receiving them as transcribed text sent via email or text message.


    Find users’ extensions by first and last name, see who is available and who isn't, and transfer calls with easy drag and drop functionality. Learn More
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    Extension Dialing

    Reach all users in your org, even at other locations or different countries with simple extension to extension dialing.

    Busy Lamp Field

    Program user extensions or phone numbers that you dial most into your phone display for easy dialing and to see if they are available or on the phone.

    Music on Hold

    Let your callers hear music, recorded audio, or customized marketing messages while they are placed on hold. Learn More

    API Integrations

    Integrate your business phone system with the CRMs and applications you use most with our native and API integration capabilities. Learn More
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    Call Waiting

    Get notified when an incoming call is waiting while you are on another call. Users will hear your welcome greetings and hold music rather than a busy signal.
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    Call Parking

    Place a call on hold to "park" and then pick it back up on another phone to continue the conversation from somewhere else.
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    Caller ID

    A visual display shows the name and phone number of who is calling you.

    Request Caller Name

    Have the caller announce who they are to give you more information beyond the caller ID information before you decide to accept the call.
    net2phone-icon-Voice Call

    Call Screening and Blocking

    Allows you to block incoming calls from specific telephone numbers or which contain spam like characteristics.
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    Call Transfer

    Transfer calls to other users or departments from a desk phone or web application. Both blind transfer and consulted transfer options are available.


    Connect multiple employees or business contacts into one call to have a three way conversation - or more!

    Interoffice Paging

    Reach the whole office, specific departments or individual extensions with announcements through desk phone, conference devices or other equipment.
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    Speed Dial

    Use the line keys to enable one-touch dialing to the business contacts or coworkers you dial most often.

    Do Not Disturb

    Send all incoming calls directly to voicemail to avoid distractions while in meetings or during times you do not want to be interrupted by phone calls.
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    Analytics & Reporting

    Analyze calling traffic and history, user statistics, identify patterns and trends, and enable smarter business conversations with full visibility. Learn More

    Faxing Support

    Add a physical fax line or a virtual fax line into the same system to incorporate faxing into your business communications suite. Learn More
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    Number Porting

    Moving from another phone system? Keep your existing numbers and extensions and we’ll port them for free.

    Direct Number & Toll Free Options

    Opening a new office or starting a new business? We'll help you get a new main office number with toll free options and direct numbers from most area codes.

    Virtual Number

    Establish a virtual presence in areas or countries even where you don't have a physical presence with our virtual DID availability to get numbers from 50+ countries and 300+ cities worldwide. Learn More
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    Two-Factor Authentication

    Two-Factor Authentication ensures additional security so that only the right people have access to your communications data Learn More
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    Local Numbers

    Local phone numbers from any US location & 50 international countries and 300 cities around the globe to establish your business's local presence Learn More

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