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    "net2phone was an easy switchover from a competitor who charged 40% more than net2phone.  First, the price.  Second, the management of the project from sales to tech was quick, often, and thorough.  Finally, the implementation was seamless.  (I wish everything went this smooth!)"

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    "You guys make it so easy for me and my clients. The sales team understood my request and delivered a proposal quickly. Implementation created objectives and delivered smoothly and rapidly.  No one at net2phone ever says "no" - they have always given alternatives or suggestions to accomplish the objective. THANKS and High Fives all around!"


    1 month ago

    Quickest response in the business.Thank you.

    — Kent Pepe

    1 month ago

    Just want to thank the team at net2phone - esp Catelyn Martinez and Ernesto Paiz - always, always provide Superior customer service.

    — Todd Glassberg

    2 months ago

    I love your support, really has come a long way! Can not recommend enough, Jeff is always willing to lend a hand! Appreciate it so much!

    — Spencer Vaccaro

    2 months ago

    Very happy with the service, your support is off the hook now! - the rep just took about a hour and remained very friendly and helpful throughout. Thank you so much for your great service! keep it up!

    — Amanda Martinez

    2 months ago

    Jerry was very helpful and resolved our issues in a timely manner. Very professional service.

    — Sylvia H

    3 months ago

    You all amaze me!

    — Lee Ann McGrath

    3 months ago

    John Davalos was very helpful in assisting me today. Great customer service skills. Well done!

    — Bob Bamburg

    4 months ago

    Support answered my questions quickly and efficiently. Thanks Joseph

    — John Roller

    4 months ago

    I've been with this company for 4 years now after trying out several competitors. It did start out a bit rough in the early period - esp with the tech support, but something positive happened about 1-2 years ago (not sure what) and the servicing suddenly turned a 180 and became outstanding. Now, there pricing is extremely competitive (if not the best) AND their service is outstanding. As a small business owner, I'd now HIGHLY recommend them.

    — Jill Smith

    6 months ago

    Joseph Tolosi was such a big help!! We had some changes that needed to take place within our phones system ASAP and he was able to get it done with me still on the line and had me test it while he waited. Thank you so much!

    — Terri Rodriguez

    6 months ago

    Had issue with our incoming call menu and after hours answering lines, we were not receiving any of our calls, since we are a home health agency and work with patients and the medical community, I was in a panic mode, so I called customer tech support and my call was answered by Collin Callahan. He was very professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. He fixed my companies account quickly and within minutes, the issues we were experiencing were resolved. There was basically no wait time, which was awesome and all of our incoming and answering service lines were up and running as normal within minutes. Thank you so very much Collin for all your help,, you rock!

    — JP Wells 

    6 months ago

    We had to make a quick change in our softphone and net2phone was easily able to onboard us. They made it very easy for our scaling business. Their Customer Success team (Sam) are A+ 

    — Kevin Conroy

    6 months ago

    Again Goddess Kassandra rocks & helped me out! Earlier Talib was useful too but he has such a deep manly voice I feel like girly man in his presence !!!

    — Dan Levy

    6 months ago

    Fantastic support!! always goes above and beyond can not recommend enough, Mark Staley is always willing to lend a hand!

    — John Sofo

    7 months ago

    Net2Phone has been a great VOIP service provider for us. The first couple months were a little rocky as we worked through some bugs that stemmed from onboarding, but our very attentive customer success rep Sam Weisbuch has been nothing but eager to help us through any issue that has come up. Since those initial bugs, we have had pretty smooth service overall with very few, easily solved interruptions/issues. 

    — David

    7 months ago

    I had the good chance to work with Joseph Tolosi today setting up an auto-attendance script for my business. Joseph was knowledgeable, smart, efficient and fast at resolving my issue. It all works perfect now, a huge hat tip to this pro!

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