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    Deliver Superb Customer Experiences with uContact Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

    Managing customer interactions is easier than ever with uContact. From Facebook to WhatsApp and live chat to email, manage every interaction on one centralized platform.

    Meet Your Customers Where They Are Meet customers in the digital channel of their choice, with integrated touchpoints across all channels.
    Deliver Personalized Support With all customer information and history available on a single screen, have context for every interaction.
    Centralize Interaction Management No matter the digital channel used, receive the notification and take on the interaction from the same tab.

    Manage Every Interaction From A Single Screen 

    It’s time to close the endless tabs! The Unified Inbox lets you stay organized and manage all your digital interactions from one screen. Keep track of conversations across different platforms and quickly respond to your customer’s needs without ever switching a tab. 


    Meet Your Customers On Their Favorite Platform

    Take advantage of the digital channels your customers use most. From a single interface, promptly reply to social media messages and posts while enhancing customer satisfaction.

    Facebook Wall Posts and Comments 
    Get a notification when your company is mentioned in a Facebook comment or wall post, and reply instantly. 

    Facebook Messenger
    Manage real-time communication directly from the Unified Inbox and show customers you’re there for them.

    Quickly respond to direct messages and help solve your audience's questions and concerns. 

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    An omnichannel contact center is a platform that allows contact center agents to interact with clients and prospects through multiple interconnected communication channels.

    This includes phone, chat, email, text and social media. This technology gives agents a complete 360-degree view of customer interactions and enables a consistent and seamless customer experience.

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    The difference between omnichannel and multi-channel contact centers is the level of integration.

    Just like omnichannel contact centers, multichannel contact centers offer customers multiple communication channels. However, these channels are distinct from one another and operate independently. Each channel uses its own tools, metrics, and workflows. Therefore, customer interactions and data are disconnected. So while a customer can interact through multiple channels, there is little consistency between them.


    Consider, for example, a customer who reaches out via social media to check their order status. A week later, they call to inquire about the same issue. Because there is no connection between the two channels, the new agent doesn’t know that the customer had previously reached out.  The customer has to repeat themselves and restart the entire inquiry process. This increases handling time and decreases satisfaction.

    Alternatively, omnichannel contact centers, offer a unified journey. Customers can contact the business on one channel and continue the conversation on another. Agents have a complete picture of the customer's journey with access to transcripts and previous history. In this way, the client can avoid repeating the inquiry as the agent is fully informed. Agents can answer questions quickly and efficiently and provide customers with a quick resolution. 


    Key Differences


    Omnichannel Contact Center

    Multichannel Contact Center 

     Channel Management 

    All channels are connected on a single platform.

    Channels are managed separately.

     Agent View

    Agents have a unified view of the customer’s journey across all channels.

    Agents only have a channel-specific view of customer interactions.

     Channel  Coordination

    Seamlessly move interactions from one channel to another.

    No coordination between channels. 

     Customer  Experience 

    Consistent, personalized service across all channels. 

    Disjointed and inconsistent service between channels. 

     Agent Productivity 

    Centralized access to customer information for streamlined work.

    Separate tools and processes for each channel for decentralized workflow. 

     Data Management

    Centralized system for all interactions.

    Separate storage for each channel.


    Uses data from all channels.

    Uses channel-specific data. 

    Why Choose Omnichannel Contact Center Services?

    Provide a Winning Customer Experience Today's customers expect a consistent experience across all channels. An omnichannel contact center allows customers to interact on multiple channels at the same time. Agents have access to the customer's full interaction history and context to answer their query. This seamless workflow leads to better service and a more positive customer experience.
    Simplify Agent Work for Greater Productivity When it comes to agent productivity, the omnichannel approach is a game changer. Agents no longer need to switch between multiple tabs and apps. Instead, they can manage several communication channels and interactions from the same screen. This not only saves time but also reduces errors and allows agents to work more efficiently.
    Better Insights for Better Decision Making Omnichannel contact centers centralize all customer data, including interaction history, in one place. By integrating and centralizing data, you can better understand customer behaviour and preferences across every channel. Turn this insight into improvements that can drive your business and customer experience forward.
    Gain A Competitive Advantage In today’s market, organizations are not only competing based on products, services and prices but also on customer service. By leveraging communication tools and channels, organizations can offer a customer experience that sets them apart from the competition. Interacting with customers on multiple channels using visuals, audio, and text helps put customer needs first. This gives businesses a competitive edge.
    Reduce Operational Costs With omnichannel contact centers, you can automate workflows and use chatbots across your communication channels. Automations reduce the need for human intervention and, in turn, reduce the need for additional staff. Consolidating all your channels into a single platform reduces your reliance on multiple systems and decreases the need for additional training.

    Empowering Business Growth With Omnichannel Contact Centers

    Omnichannel contact centers are a key to success for businesses that want to grow and succeed in today's competitive market. The following are some key benefits of using an omnichannel contact center:

    Customer satisfaction Businesses can provide personalized and consistent service across multiple channels with omnichannel contact centers. As a result, customers are happier and more loyal.
    Increased sales With analytics and reporting, businesses can boost revenue and sales by providing personalized recommendations for products and services.
    Improved efficiency Omnichannel contact centers help streamline customer service operations, empowering agents to handle more interactions in less time.
    Valuable insights Analytics and reporting tools can provide businesses with valuable insights which can be used to improve operations and drive growth.


    customer-journeyUnderstand The Customer Journey

    To create the most effective omnichannel strategies, it is important to first understand your customer's journey across all touchpoints and measure customer experience level. Gain a clear picture of where your customers are interacting with your brand, and allocate resources to support those channels. If your prospects and clients are active on social media, make sure to include them in your contact center strategy.

    balanceStrike A Balance Between Automation And Live Support

    Adding automation to your contact center workflows and processes is a powerful way to increase efficiency and improve agent productivity. However, it's important to have a balance between offering human help and providing automated responses and self-service options. Always have a way for callers to connect with a live agent.

    monitorMonitor Performance And Adjust Strategy

    Analyzing data and insights can help you better understand customer behaviour and preferences. It is important to regularly monitor and reassess contact center performance and strategy based on this insight. Identify areas for improvement in customer experience strategy by regularly analyzing key metrics such as response time, first contact resolution, and customer satisfaction.


    Access Multiple Channels On A Single Interface

    An omnichannel contact center must provide multiple communication channels. This allows businesses to meet customers on their preferred channels. All of these communication methods should be accessible through a single platform for maximum efficiency.

    • Telephone -  with advanced inbound and outbound routing capabilities.

    • Email - with integrations to popular email hosts.

    • SMS - with multimedia (MMS) capabilities.

    • Messaging Apps - like WhatsApp Business.

    • Social Media - including the most popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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    Integrated Data Across All Touchpoints

    To provide seamless service, the contact center should integrate data from all channels. Agents should have access to all customer information, including history and previous interactions, regardless of the channel used for the interactions. This provides agents with context and allows them to personalize service.

    Three agents working with headsets on laptops

    Intelligent Routing

    One of the most important functions of contact centers is the ability to route customer communications to the appropriate agent or department.  Omnichannel contact centers should be able to route inbound calls based on various criteria such as caller needs, agent skills, agent availability and more. This ensures customers are quickly connected to the agent best equipped to address their specific needs. As a result, resolution times are reduced and increased customer lifetime value.

    Happy agent working in call center

    Customer Insights

    Cloud-based omnichannel contact centers should gather customer feedback and provide agents with insights that allow them to provide personalized service. Insights include customer preferences, previous interactions, and purchase history. Agents can use this information to provide more tailored and effective service. Ultimately, this results in a better customer experience.

    Happy customer with credit card looking at smartphone

    Analytics And Reporting Tools

    Data-driven decisions are critical for contact center success. Every contact center platform must include analytics and reporting tools. Omnichannel contact center solutions should allow for tracking, monitoring, and providing insights into agent performance and customer satisfaction levels. This should be available through preset reports or reports you can customize to your business needs.  

    team looking at data on screens and in print

    Enterprise-Grade Security And Reliability

    An omnichannel contact center should have enterprise-grade security and reliability features to ensure the privacy and safety of data. Look for features such as encryption, access controls, backup and recovery capabilities. These features will ensure customer data is secure and confidential, protecting both your business and customers.

    security popup on screen


    multiple-channelsMultiple Channels: When it comes to creating a great customer experience, offering multiple modes of communication is a must. Through omnichannel solutions, customers can communicate with a business in a variety of ways. Communication methods include phone, email, SMS, messaging apps like WhatsApp Business, and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

    consistent-serviceConsistent Service: Consistency is key when it comes to customer service. With interconnected digital channels, it’s easy for customers to switch between channels without needing to repeat their queries. They can receive the same level of service regardless of the channel they use. 

    personalized-servicePersonalized Service: Customer satisfaction can be boosted by providing personalized service. With interconnected channels, agents have a full picture of customer history and interactions.  This information permits agents to provide personalized recommendations and tailored services. 

    quick-resolutionQuick Resolution: Quick resolution is a sure way to keep customers happy and loyal. With all customer information available on one screen, including profile, previous interactions, and purchase history, agents can quickly assess the situation and provide quick resolutions 

    Omnichannel Contact Center FAQs

    What businesses should use omnichannel contact center solutions?

    An omnichannel contact center solution can benefit any organizations that offer customer service, sales support, and technical support across multiple communication channels. 

    Can I add on more communication channels in the future?

    Most omnichannel contact center solutions allow you to add additional communication channels as needed.

    Is an omnichannel contact center software secure?

    Yes, omnichannel contact centers utilize advanced security measures to protect sensitive customer data.

    What are the costs of an omnichannel contact center?

    The costs of an omnichannel contact center will vary. net2phone’s contact center solution offers contact center efficiencies without the contact center price tag. View pricing here.

    How long does it take to implement an omnichannel contact center solution?

    The time it takes to implement an omnichannel contact center solution will vary depending on factors such as the size of the company, customization needs and complexity. At net2phone, this processes can take a maximum of a few weeks while some simple projects can take as little as 3 days. Contact us to see how we can help. 

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