VoIP International Calls. Unlimited Calling to 40+ Countries

    Get unlimited domestic and VoIP international calling to the US, Canada, and over 40 other international countries. In addition, we offer virtual phone numbers (DIDs) in over 50 countries & 300 cities.


    With net2phone’s powerful VoIP international calling package, you can reach customers and business partners in over 40 countries without paying a single extra penny over your monthly service charge. 

    net2phone comes complete with everything you need to make VoIP international calls and provide you the absolute best service for your business VoIP international calling needs.

    Unlimited VoIP International Calling

    Unlimited Domestic and International Calling

    In today’s global marketplace, your business cannot afford to ignore international customers and stakeholders. Whether it’s a new link in your global supply chain or an overseas client which has the business needed to take your organization to the next level, the future of your brand is international. That’s why you need a way to make international calls without the usual high costs associated with them. The answer to all your worries can be found in an unlimited calling plan which includes VoIP international calls. As a global leader in international calling, net2phone has the best VoIP service for international calls and the best VoIP app for international calls which will allow your brand to become a force to be reckoned with on the global stage.

    Why net2phone Beats the Competition for VoIP International Calls

    net2phone is the leading global provider for international voice minutes, Hosted Voice, and SIP Trunking services. In fact, our chairman, Howard Jonas made the 1st VoIP call ever!

    Free International Calling

    Unlimited Calling Plans

    Get unlimited calling to the US, Canada, and over 40 international countries - all included. Our advanced business phone service, fully equipped with international calling will help you stay in touch with your global customers while enhancing your communications.

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    Global Presence

    International Phone Numbers

    With net2phone you can act local, but think global. Get virtual phone numbers (DIDs) in over 300 cities to give your business a virtual presence so your global clients can call you "locally".

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    With net2phone you can make unlimited VoIP international calls to more than 40 countries, meaning you never need to let borders or distance determine where and when you can do business.net2phone’s best VoIP for international calls is completely unlimited which means you never again have to worry how much overseas calls are costing your business. Carry out business in over 40 countries with net2phone VoIP for international calls.

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