Phone systems for car dealerships

    Phone Systems for Car Dealerships

    Manage large call volumes and improve your customer experience with net2phone’s phone systems for car dealerships.

    The Amazing Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems for Car Dealerships

    A strong communications system can make all the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity at a car dealership. No matter if it’s answering customer inquiries or sending reminders and sales quotes – automobile dealers need to be quick on their feet when it comes to engaging with both potential buyers and existing customers having their car serviced.

    Cloud Phone System Solutions Drive Car Dealership Sales

    Standard phone systems are simply not equipped to cope with the volumes of a car dealership. Fast response and resolution are key differentiators that can drive sales. And delivering an exceptional buying or servicing experience is key to meeting them.  Both are driven by how well your sales reps and service technicians communicate with prospective and existing customers. 

    A unified phone system for your car dealership ensures rich customer experiences with every interaction, and proper tracking and analytics for management.

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    Cloud Phone System Solutions Drive Car Dealership Sales

    Unified Communications for Your Dealership Phone System

    In the digital age, many automotive consumers begin their purchasing journey online but prefer to speak to an agent to get their questions answered. Customers are interacting with the car dealership now in more ways, whether it be via phone, text, or even video calls.   

    By investing in a robust UCaaS solution like net2phone, auto dealerships can create seamless and efficient communication across all customer and business channels.

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    Unified Communications for Your Dealership Phone System

    Customer Service in the Car Dealership Industry

    The experience car dealerships offer across buying and servicing are an opportunity to gain competitive advantage for dealers that take action.

    Facilitating better communications with the customer is the most important factor to stop them from heading to a competitor to book their next service or make their next purchase.

    Car dealers that can solve the most common communication pain points for their customers and provide a positive seamless dealership and service lane experience can increase the lifetime value of customers through repeat business. 

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    Superior Call Handling, Rich Customer Experience, and Robust Analytics

    All In One Solution A full featured phone system, call tracking, texting, chat, and video - all in one unified omnichannel platform.
    Customer Engagement Respond to customers quickly with our enhanced call routing and handle large volumes like a pro.
    Integrated Tools Integrate our phone system with the tools you use most - PurpleCloud, Dealersocket, Vinsolutions, eLeads, etc.

    Features that set us apart

    See how your car dealership phone system can drive more sales with net2phone's advanced features.

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    Receptionist Console

    Car dealerships handle large volumes of calls and a missed call can mean a missed sale. The Receptionist Console enables you to route callers quickly to the proper departments or team members and ensure a smooth transition. Learn More

    Paging Integration

    Integrate paging with your phone system and quickly reach the service department to announce the arrival of an appointment, locate a sales team member to assist a customer browsing the lot, or let the warehouse know there’s a call waiting for them.
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    CRM Integrations

    Integrate your CRM tool for complete call tracking, logging customer interactions, and easily click-to-call potential clients. Seamless integrations available for Dealersocket, Vinsolutions, eLeads, PurpleCloud, Zoho, and more. Learn More
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    Mobile App

    Take the dealership with you. Use your business number from the mobile app and reach advisors, sales members, and decision-makers while out on a test drive - or let potential auto buyers reach you at home without giving your personal information. Learn More
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    Robust Analytics

    View call logs and volumes to help monitor performance and track your return on advertising spends. Identify trends in call volumes to uncover new opportunities, generate marketing campaigns, or make adjustments to staffing. Learn More

    Call Recording

    Enrich customer interactions by recording important details such as which color or features they prefer or what services they need performed. Use call recordings to show examples of potential auto buyer sales calls to train new team members and monitor and assess team performance. Learn More
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    SMS/MMS Texting

    Give potential buyers a quick and easy option to reach you with text messaging. Sales teams can quickly respond to potential opportunities or text appointment details and send pictures of vehicles. Service technicians can send pictures of issues found and text updates on service completion status. Learn More
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    Video Conferencing

    Conduct virtual showroom visits and remote appointments or video chat during a service appointment or face-to-face communications as if the customer was right in the car dealership with you. Learn More
    Brechbill Trailer Sales LLC
    Brechbill Trailer Sales Simplifed Communications with net2phone Brechbill's move to net2phone gave them the ability to text and call from anywhere on their expansive lot, via our mobile app. This solved a major pain point for Brechbill which proved to be invaluable. READ THEIR STORY
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    Let’s talk about how net2phone can help you drive more revenue through smarter conversations and build a better phone system for your car dealerships.

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