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    Product FAQ

    What is SIP Trunking?

    A SIP trunk is a virtual telephone line connecting your business telecoms system to the public phone network. Rather than using an ISDN connection, SIP trunking is established via a data network. SIP trunks may be used as a complete alternative to ISDN, or the two systems may be combined to give a hybrid solution exploiting the benefits of both.

    What does SIP stand for?

    SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol is a method of data transmission used to set up connections between different devices including computers, desktop phones, mobile phones, video conferencing units, and file servers. It governs the establishment, termination, and time during phone calls as unique sessions.

    When should businesses switch to SIP?

    If you are thinking of moving to the cloud to enjoy all of the benefits of a hosted solution, but already possess an on premises PBX system, then a move to SIP trunking should be an easy transition for you. If you currently use ISDN2 or ISDN30 circuits, and have a leased-line or dedicated SDSL for your internet connections (as opposed to contended ADSL or WiFi), then SIP trunking should be a good fit for your organization.

    What equipment will I need?

    If you’re using a legacy phone system (and these days, that equates to a couple of years old, or more), you’ll likely need a SIP-ISDN Gateway, which translates the flow of data between the ISDN interface of your existing phone system and your new SIP trunks. Rather than trusting to the bandwidth of the public internet, it’s a good idea to beef up your existing data connection to allow for the increased demand that will be put on it by voice data.

    How many SIP trunks should I get?

    If your business is considering making the move to SIP Trunking the first step is calculate how many SIP trunks do you need. This will be determined by the maximum number of simultaneous phone calls that you anticipate at any given time. Many organizations are just fine with one SIP trunk for every three phones, but if you’re running a call center, or your business handles a large volume of inbound and outbound calls, this will require considerably more – sometimes as much as one SIP trunk per phone line.

    I am a Microsoft shop looking for solutions for my clients. Does net2phone have a Teams offering?

    Yes, net2phone has a native integration with Microsoft Teams and can provide direct routing capabilities and layered on UCaaS features to provide a more cost effective, feature rich solution to Microsoft customers.

    What is Cloud PBX?

    Cloud PBX (Cloud-based Private Branch Exchange) is a virtual internet phone system, which automatically answers all calls and routes them to the correct department or user extension. It provides the same private branch exchange services as an on-premise installation — but without the added cost of expensive hardware or infrastructure management. This is the key difference between hosted PBX vs onsite PBX

    Why choose a cloud PBX phone system?

    Cloud PBX business phone systems provide flexible pricing, low cost of entry, and ongoing savings. With a feature-rich cloud PBX system like net2phone, you can ensure business agility, efficiency, and increased productivity.

    What is Five9?

    Born in the cloud, Five9 is a trusted and reliable leader in providing contact center as a service (CCaaS). Unlock customer intelligence with Five9 and deliver a more human experience to your customers.

    Why Five9?

    With 19 years of experience in Cloud Contact Center's Five9 continues to be leading the industry in service and support. By having the best strategic technology integrations, Five9 can provide its customers with the flexibility to build a customized solution.

    What is net2phone's Five9 offering?

    net2phone focuses on partnering with industry leaders, such as Five9 to offer our customers top of the line solutions. Manage customer calls and interactions directly from within the cloud, providing you with a complete unified communications solution with the Five9 Cloud Contact Center offering from net2phone.

    What is a cloud contact center?

    A cloud contact center is a modern software platform that manages customer calls and interactions directly from the cloud. Agents use this software to provide customer service for inbound and outbound communications. Cloud contact center solutions make it possible for agents and customers to connect through multiple platforms such as mobile, desktop, email, in-app chat, video, and more. These Contact Centers allow agents to personalize a more tailored support experience, which better assists the customers.

    How reliable is Five9?

    Five9 prides themselves on security and reliability. They provide non-disruptive real-time updates with no maintenance windows, 27x7 NOC availability data centers, stringent administrative, physical, and technical safeguards are in place to ensure security and compliance.

    Why net2phone for Microsoft Teams?

    By integrating your Microsoft Teams License with net2phone, Teams users can still enjoy all the benefits of MS Teams, but now with even more advanced features from net2phone.

    General FAQ

    Can I keep my current number(s)?

    Yes, we can do so by porting your existing numbers with net2phone. Simply put, porting means the transfer of numbers from one provider to another. In this case, you would transfer your numbers over to net2phone. *not all numbers are portable

    How can I port my exiting number(s)?

    A completed and signed LOA (Letter Of Authorization) is needed from an authorized account user. In addition, you will need the most recent copy of your phone bill from the losing carrier.

    How long does porting usually take?

    Porting can vary depending on the losing carrier. Generally, porting takes about two weeks, but could potentially be longer. Providing all necessary porting documentation to your onboarding specialist will help speed this process along.

    My business has several locations, can I use your service for all locations?

    Yes, net2phone can set up your system so that all your offices are able to communicate with each other just as they would if they were under one roof.

    What is net2phone?

    net2phone is a leading Unified Communications provider with over 30 years of telecom innovation. Backed by IDT Telecom, a global network, and 2000+ employees worldwide, we're the fastest growing UC provider in the world. Trusted by customers large and small, we excel at providing the most efficient and reliable, highest quality business communication services.

    What is the relationship between net2phone and IDT?

    net2phone is a subsidiary of IDT Telecom, one of the largest voice carriers in the world. With IDT's backbone, net2phone provides the most efficient and reliable, highest quality voice and communication services.

    How do I contact net2phone?

    You can contact net2phone Support at any time via email at or by phone at 866-978-8260 Opt. 2. If you are looking for assistance before or during the installation process, please reach out to

    What is VoIP?

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol and is a method of delivery that causes analog voice calls to be converted into packets of data. When using a VoIP service, you can call both landlines, cell phones, or computer-to-computer.

    How is the sound quality when using VoIP?

    VoIP sound quality is dependent on the available bandwidth, and today's broadband networks offer business-class service which is optimized for voice transmission, and actually gives voice signals priority over other forms of data. The result is that VoIP sound is typically equal to landline quality or better, and superior to cell phone quality in most cases.

    What types of phones do net2phone offer?

    We offer Polycom and Yealink phones.

    Does net2phone allow you to bring your own phones?

    Yes, we recommend and prefer Polycom and Yealink phones, but most IP enabled phones can be configured to work with our platform.

    Is your support local or overseas?

    net2phone prides itself on offering 24/7 US-based support from our UCaaS experts.

    Pricing FAQ

    What is net2phone's pricing?

    net2phone provides communication plans that fit every need and budget. Find out which plan works best for you and your team on our plans page.