Zapier Integration from net2phone

    Thanks to Zapier, net2phone integrates with any platform helping your business communications become more efficient.

    Zapier integration

    How Zapier Works

    Integrate Zapier and net2phone with a series of triggers and actions. Here’s how.

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    Trigger Pick an event (like when you get a call on your net2phone number).
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    Choose an action Tell Zapier what to do next. Where should you get the call alert?
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    Automation Each time your Zap runs, it will automatically send information from one app to another. For instance, when you get a call, you get an alert on the app of your choosing.

    Business Communication Automation Simplified

    Zapier allows you to instantly integrate your net2phone account with over 3,000 applications to automate tasks, streamline workflows, and build connections between applications that will make your business run more efficiently.

    Zapier Integration with net2phone Examples

    Here are a few examples of how Zapier helps integrate net2phone with apps.

    Hubspot net2phone + Hubspot Trigger a Webhook, create a new contact in HubSpot.
    Evernote net2phone + Evernote When receiving a net2phone call, look contact up in HubSpot, create a note in Evernote.
    Google Calendar net2phone + Google Calendar Upon a missed net2phone call, create a reminder in Google calendar for a callback.
    Asana net2phone + Asana Upon a missed net2phone call, create an Asana task reminding me to provide a callback.

    The Business Phone System Zapier Integration

    Simplify the way your teams communicate internally and externally with the Zapier Integration. Automate processes and drive efficiencies.

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