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    Don't Miss a Call with the Auto Attendant Phone System Feature

    Route calls to the right department or dedicated team member and easily navigate callers using a voice menu system. You'll never miss an important call or sales lead with an auto attendant phone system feature from net2phone.


    Sometimes known as a virtual receptionist, an auto attendant is voice or tone activated menu within your business phone system which allows callers to be transferred to an extension without the need to interact directly with a human operator.

    What is an auto attendant

    Why do Businesses Use a Virtual Auto Attendant?

    With a VoIP auto attendant within your business phone system, callers get placed straight into a queue for the exact department they need to resolve their query.

    Don’t Lose Sales Leads with a VoIP Auto Attendant

    Sales leads are the lifeblood of any small business with a product or service to market and few things can damage a company more than losing important opportunities because of poor communications. A high proportion of sales leads are lost because the customer got fed up waiting in a call queue or found the phone menu system frustrating and difficult to navigate. If you want to make sure valuable sales leads aren’t simply walking away from your business, a phone system with a VoIP auto attendant makes it clear and simple for inbound callers to find the department they need to speak to. Never miss a call with the auto attendant phone system feature from net2phone.


    With so many phone system providers in the market today, you want to be sure your business communications are in the right hands. net2phone has years of experience providing enterprise grade communications solutions made to suit any type and size of business. With our business phone system equipped with unlimited auto attendants working alongside dozens of other must have features, net2phone has the complete package and everything you could want from a business communications provider.

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    Auto Attendant FAQs

    What is the Benefit of an Auto Attendant vs Live Receptionist?

    While a human operator can provide a more individualized touch to caller interactions, an auto attendant phone system can handle many more calls and deliver a consistent service every single time. A virtual auto attendant never gets tired or frustrated and can field calls 24/7.

    Can I save money with an auto attendant?

    Absolutely. On top of the savings inherent with a VoIP communications solution, an auto attendant saves you additional staff costs from needed additional reception personnel or answering services.

    What answering options does an auto attendant offer?

    Your virtual receptionist can be configured with multiple responses. Aside from routing callers to the departments or services you offer, an auto attendant can also informing callers of commonly asked information such as hours of operation, deliver customized out of hours messaging during holidays, or provide the currents product offers and promotions. An auto attendant phone system always knows the right thing to say and can be customized or changed easily.

    What’s the difference between auto attendant and IVR?

    Interactive voice response (IVR) refers to a phone system which connects to a database, whereas an auto attendant phone system can answer, route, and hold calls in the same manner as a human operator.

    How easy is it to control and maintain an auto attendant?

    Because everything is managed in the cloud, changing the settings of your virtual auto attendant is as simple as making a few clicks. The lack of physical hardware also means maintenance costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

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