December 10, 2020

    Call Analytics & Reporting: How to Improve Customer Satisfaction & Retention


    One of the major benefits of a cloud PBX unified communications phone system for businesses is that it provides hugely valuable data, analytics and reporting about the company’s communications. Now, more than ever, as businesses navigate the disruptions caused by COVID-19, it’s of extreme importance that business leaders and managers are able to keep constant track of all communications data so they can continue to set and meet goals, improve customer experience and satisfaction, and forge a new path forward amidst market turmoil. 

    A recent report from Sisense reveals that 50% of companies are referring to data sources, dashboards or analytics more often than before the crisis, and 65% are either maintaining or increasing budget on data analytics, despite other cutbacks. 

    The report also finds that not only is COVID-19 impacting the frequency of use of data analytics, companies are also discovering new data use cases. Improving efficiency, supporting customers, and predicting changes and outcomes are the three fastest growing use cases of data analytics in businesses, regardless of company size. 

    Benefits of Cloud PBX Call Analytics 

    For businesses that deal with large numbers of inbound and outbound calls every day, real-time call analytics and reporting are invaluable tools, providing the company with actionable data to help it succeed in these times of crisis and beyond. 

    Keeping constant track of communications analytics helps companies better understand customer behaviors, how employees are engaging on the phone, and other important metrics like peak hours, where and when additional staff need to be deployed, and where sales leads are coming from. As such, companies that utilize call analytics are able to achieve higher customer satisfaction, customer retention, service quality and business performance. 

    Powerful Analytics and Reporting with net2phone

    Using a powerful cloud PBX business phone system like net2phone, a huge number of reports can be pulled directly from the intuitive net2phone dashboard, giving your team immediate actionable insights about call quality, customer experience, agent performance and more. Individualized data for all team members and departments are visualized so you can oversee company performance by tracking call duration, answered calls and missed calls, as well as identify patterns of high and low call volume so you can make adjustments in capacity as needed. 

    There are many ways businesses can use net2phone’s powerful analytics and reporting functionality to improve operations and gain competitive advantage. These include:

    Quality Assurance: Mine the data on wait times, answered calls, missed calls, call duration and more. Managers can then identify patterns and find out where the company excels, and where it needs improvement.

    Improve Employee Performance: Call analytics allow you to keep track of employee performance without having to listen in on every call. With call recordings, call duration, and other call log data, you can gain insight into specific departments, team members, ring groups and even welcome menus, and devise training programs to address any issues discovered. 

    Boost Customer Service and Satisfaction: Call analytics give you the precise figures on customer wait times, hold times, abandoned calls, missed calls, and more. Managers can then utilize these insights to set goals and work towards better customer service and satisfaction outcomes. 

    Identity Trends: Track the pattern of inbound, outbound and missed calls during specific days and times to understand your peak hours and when you will need additional staffing to handle spikes in volume. 

    You can’t improve what you can’t measure. net2phone’s powerful call analytics, reports and dashboards deliver crucial insights to the events that drive business success. Get in touch with net2phone today to learn more about how our call analytics tools can benefit your business. 


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