KEY FEATURES Welcome Menus

Create unique welcome, after hours and holiday greetings for your callers to get connected with the proper team member or department. 

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Main Welcome Menu


Greetings: Greet your customers with a personalized Welcome Menu. Use this Welcome Menu to provide useful information such as office hours, locations and routing options. Upload current recordings or record greetings through your portal.


Call Flow: Route Callers to the appropriate team member, department or ring group within your welcome menus. Set up your menu options within your net2phone portal.

Speciality Welcome Menu


Promotions: Use Welcome Menus to promote sales, events and other promotions happening within your company at any give time. This is a great way to notify your customers of any specials happening when they call in.



Holiday: Create Holiday Welcome Menus for when your office is closed for special events or Holidays. Keeping pre-recorded Welcome Menus for Holidays in which you know when you will be closed will help you stay organized and save time.


Weather: Having pre-made weather-related welcome menu's allows you to be prepared incase your office is closed due to weather-related issues. Simply log into your portal and set up your weather-related Welcome Menu's and you will be all set. 

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Sorry we're closed-min

After Hours

Time Savings

Closed Hours: Greet your customers even after hours and let them know that you are currently closed but will get back to them within the next business day. Generally, this is a good time to provide office hours and other valuable information the caller would find useful when not being able to reach an agent.

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