VoIP Call Recording Software Store, Analyze, and Download Your Business Calls Easily

    With business call recording software, you can automatically record, archive, organize, playback, and share two-way audio of any phone interaction to maximize your marketing & conversion rate efficiency.


    VoIP call recording refers to the process of automatically recording incoming and outgoing calls and storing audio data for later playback and analysis in the cloud.

    Software-based call recording solutions can be installed on a computer or server, while hardware-based solutions often involve the installation of a specialized device between the VoIP phone system and the network.

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    With net2phone's powerful unified communications solution, setting up a call recording feature is as easy as one, two, three… four. 

    Watch the video to see how is easy to turn on the call recording in the dashboard, listen to a recorded call, download and delete the file.


    How Does Call Recording Works For Business?

    Used with a judicious eye on privacy, call recording can be one of the most beneficial features in your business communications toolkit.

    Reducing Your Vulnerability To Lawsuits Using the call recording software for your business communications platform to create gives your organization valuable evidence which may be called upon to settle claims or legal disputes – and a hedge against damaging legal action.
    Verifiable Evidence for Settling Disputes An archive of call recording transcripts also provides your business with verifiable evidence of what occurred, and when – which may be used in settling misunderstandings or disputes that arise from your dealings with external parties (customers or suppliers), and internally.
    Call Recording For Compliance If you operate in a sector that’s subject to certain rules regarding industry practices, keeping call transcripts may be a legal requirement for regulatory compliance. In the financial sector for instance, institutions are often required to transcribe and audit their verbal communications – and for them, call recording becomes a necessity.
    Maintaining Business Standards Call recording can become an important factor in maintaining business standards and ensuring quality control. Having access to a call recording can enable your staff to easily double check the details of any transaction, and ensure that the correct amount of a given product or service reaches the person or institution for which it’s intended.
    Evaluating & Improving Staff Performance Performance assessment and staff training can also benefit through the use of call recording. Transcripts may be filtered to find “best” and “worst” examples of how to deal with operational matters or customer interactions – and these examples can be incorporated into orientation and training programs to improve call center agent performance.
    Improving Customer Satisfaction Analyzing call recordings can help you identify common customer complaints or concerns, allowing you to adjust your business practices to meet customer needs better. Keeping a record of all calls can be helpful for auditing purposes, as well as for monitoring business performance and tracking trends over time to improve customer experience.

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