Case Study

    Brechbill Trailer Sales LLC

    While providing personal mobile numbers to clients allowed Brechbill associates to send information quickly, it also served as a disjointed solution. The move to net2phone gave them the ability to use their business number on mobile phones and both text and call from anywhere on the lot.


    Trailing Behind in Communications Technology

    The current business landscape is hyper-focused on generating a powerful user experience, meaning that consumer interactions can no longer be simply transactional. This is especially true for highvalue purchases, such as the auto industry, where consumers are heavily invested in the buying process. Brechbill Trailers engages in various touch points throughout their customer buying cycle to provide their clients with the most relevant and accurate information about their trailer purchase. While communicating through the phone is critical to articulate important information regarding financing, machinery, and part customization, the Brechbill Trailers team often needed to share additional resources that couldn’t be relayed over the phone, such as pictures of their inventory or links to their website. As their on-premise phone system didn’t have SMS or MMS functionality, the Brechbill Trailers Sales Associates would use their personal mobile phone numbers to send texts to interact with clients.

    While providing personal mobile numbers to clients served its purpose; to send information or images quickly and remain as responsive as possible, it also served as a very disjointed solution for Brechbill Trailers as a company. Clients were confused about which phone number should be used to reach the organization and would sometimes call back the personal cell phones rather than the Brechbill’s main number. While the Brechbill staff was always very responsive, if the client’s phone calls were answered on a personal cell phone, but they were hoping to contact a different department, there wasn’t an easy way to transfer those calls - as cell phones don’t have that functionality. Additionally, with Sales Associates operating off multiple phone numbers, accurately tracking client interactions under one platform was nearly impossible.

    Increasingly frustrated with the limitations of their on-premise phone system, Brechbill Trailers sought the expertise of ThinkEZ IT, an MSP who had been supporting Brechbill Trailers’ IT needs for over 10 years. Together, they reviewed their existing phone system and determined what they needed in a new solution, including the ability to use their business number on their mobile phones to text and have communications enabled from anywhere on the lot. Through ThinkEZ IT, Brechbill Trailers was introduced to net2phone’s hosted VoIP solution, which delivers phone service through an internet connection. In bypassing traditional phone lines, cloud business phone systems are guaranteed to have more flexibility, functionality, and access to advanced features. Having acknowledged that their existing phone system could be a detriment to their successful client relationships, Brechbill Trailers was eager to cut ties with their former system, and reap the benefits of a cloud-based phone system for car dealerships with net2phone.

    A Truly Unified Solution

    Each Brechbill Trailers associate is equipped with both a desk phone and a cordless phone that keeps them connected with high reliability throughout the entire lot. With net2phone, users can make and take calls as well as send SMS and MMS text messages using their business phone number and extension, allowing them to communicate entirely from one number and one system, completely eliminating the burden of providing clients with a personal phone number. The net2phone bundle provides a truly unified communications solution, incorporating a variety of talk, text, and chat mediums so that Brechbill Trailers clients can choose how they prefer to be contacted. With all client communications routing through a single phone number, Administrators can leverage the analytics tool within their net2phone client portal to track call volumes, view statistics and identify calling trends to better serve their customers.

    With net2phone’s advanced suite of call control features, Brechbill Trailers had a variety of options to choose from. Understanding that responsiveness was a pillar of Brechbill Trailers’ client service excellence, net2phone created a custom ring group with call tiers to ensure every incoming call would be answered. The call tier rings every sales team extension so that any available representative can immediately answer, providing callers with the most efficient customer service experience. If a client prefers to interact through texting, Brechbill Trailers has the functionality of transferring the text messages between departments. From Sales, to Parts, to Customer Service, clients who prefer to be supported via SMS or MMS can reach any department for a seamless digital service experience.

    net2phone’s approach to client onboarding eliminates all of the stress and hesitancy usually associated with a business phone solution upgrade. Brechbill Trailers was assigned a dedicated Onboarding Specialist to work with one-on-one throughout the setup and installation process. This means a single point of contact who was familiar with their needs to ensure a smooth, seamless and successful deployment. This specialist served as Brechbill Trailers’ go-to for everything from VoIP phone installation and number porting, new number provisioning, ring group set up, training, and more. Brechbill Trailers were provided with the resources they needed to feel empowered in deploying a new phone solution, and were eager to leverage their newfound functionality to improve operational efficiencies.

    Customer Quote

    "With net2phone, we can make and take calls as well as send text messages using our business phone number and extension! That means we can communicate with our customers from anywhere on the lot without having to use our personal cell phone numbers."