June 2, 2021

    UCaaS Solutions Drive Car Dealership Sales

    UCaaS for Car Dealerships

    The Need for UCaaS for Car Dealerships

    It’s not a surprise that car dealerships are using digital channels throughout all stages of the sales funnel. Actual physical contact usually happens at the tail end when the customer visits the showroom for a test drive or to take home their new purchase. In order to capture leads and close sales, car dealerships rely on seamless communication through the company website, phone inquiries, social media, and integration into a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. Effective after-sales service, which impacts customer loyalty and retention, also comes down to effective communication.

    All-in-one Communications Platform for Car Dealerships

    Car dealerships must invest in UCaaS solutions to communicate effectively and get a competitive edge. There are three clear benefits to investing in a unified communications platform:

    1. Call Handling: Car dealerships typically handle a large volume of calls - both inbound sales inquiries or service appointments and outbound sales calls and follow-ups. Unified communications car dealership phone system can handle large call volumes and is equipped with features to quickly answer calls and route customers to the proper departments to ensure calls (and opportunities) are not missed.
    2. Cross-Platform Support: Unified communications ensure that prospective buyers can enjoy a consistent, streamlined communication experience regardless of their device and method. For example, just as customers can browse vehicle details using a browser and then access the same information on a mobile device, they can also choose to call, text, or chat online to communicate with the car dealership. 
    3. Total Integration: Before the digital age, the showroom was where it all happened. The prospect's experience at the showroom could make or break the sale. But, the showroom is just one element of a long sales funnel. Successful car dealerships engage prospects from the moment they engage with an advertisement, land on their website or social media page, or call into the dealership. To do this, they integrate a CRM with a UCaaS solution. Website stock searches, comparison tools, social media pages, videos, and much more all integrate to capture important customer details, offer a smooth communication experience, and ultimately increase revenues.

    net2phone makes it easy for car dealerships to manage calls and prospect data with a full suite of features, including CRM Integration. 

    • Receptionist Console (Rcon): Easily manage large call volumes seamlessly via drag & drop functionality.
    • Business Phone Mobile App: Connect customers to advisors, sales members, and decision-makers, wherever they may be, without using their personal cell numbers.
    • SMS/MMS Texting: Sales can send pictures of vehicles or text appointment details. Service technicians can send pictures of service issues or parts or text updates on completion status. 
    • Video Conferencing: Perfect for remote appointments and showings, or a view into a service appointment. Keep your business connected with auto buyers even when they are not in the showroom.
    • Web Chat: Enable immediate customer interaction for those browsing your website.
    • CRM Integration: Our communications platform integrates with Purple Cloud giving car dealerships easy integration with popular industry CRMs such as VINSolutions and Dealer Socket. Or, we can build custom integrations with your apps or other third-party systems of your choice.  
    • Reporting: Track marketing campaigns or departmental productivity. Determine the highest call volume days/times and staff accordingly. View call logs and usage statistics to measure performance. 
    • Call Recording: Log and identify all callers and record conversations to enrich interactions & train new team members.
    • Reduced Cost: Combine all your communications tools into one platform, even if you have more than one location. net2phone can also Enable further cost savings with the ability to “unbundle”and share lines between heavy users and light users

    Car dealerships can't afford to ignore the power of UCaaS solutions. Integrating your CRM with Net2Phone is the surefire way you communicate with customers from the beginning of the sales process to after-sales service.

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