Google Chrome™ Extension The net2phone Google Chrome™ Extension For Business PBX Phone Systems

    Our Google Chrome™ extension dialer connects seamlessly to your net2phone account so you can dial calls directly from your browser.


    Streamline Your Call Flow with The net2phone Google Chrome Extension™

    The Google Chrome Extension™ Calling Pad

    See your call history within the dialer without leaving the page. View all missed, incoming and outgoing calls and click directly within the Chrome dialer to quickly dial numbers back. This goes the same for your voicemails. Simply click and listen to your voicemails directly from the net2phone Google Chrome™ extension.

    No Hardware Required

    Download the Google Chrome™ extension for net2phone's cloud PBX phone system communications. There is no hardware required, as once you download, you can start calling right away!

    Google Chrome™ Click-to-call

    Use the net2phone chrome extension and Click-to-call from any webpage with a displayed phone number. For more details on this, please check out our net2phone Google Chrome™ extension video.

    Computer To Desk Phone Dialing

    Dial a call with the Google Chrome™ extension from your computer, but speak through your desk phone just as you would a normal call. With this option, you do not even have to dial a phone number. Simply click on the desired number and pick up your phone when it starts to ring.

    Google Chrome™ Extension Phone Number Display Options

    Choose which of your net2phone numbers from our PBX phone system you'd like to place the call from. You can choose to make outbound calls coming from specific departments, team members, and more.


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