April 7, 2019

    Call Analytics: A Valuable Source Of Business Intelligence

    The idea of “data-driven decision-making” has permeated the business landscape – and call analytics is one aspect of this principle, through which valuable insights may be gained from the activity on your phones.

    The data-driven ecosystem thrives on Business Intelligence (BI) – be it market analysis, technology breakthroughs, industry trends, or information gleaned from contact with customers, suppliers, and partners. In that last scenario, call analytics definitely has a role to play.

    Call Tracking

    One of the core applications of call analytics is call tracking. It’s a technique used by marketers and business planners to learn how many calls they receive, and where their calls originate from. This information may be analyzed to understand which aspects or touch points of a business are attracting calls, and how well marketing campaigns are performing.

    Websites, mobile apps, and online access points can generate data for call tracking analysis through the use of specially embedded phone numbers. These may be presented as text (“Contact Us at…”) or as graphics and buttons with “click to dial” functionality. Calls initiated through these channels can be directed to an associated call analytics platform. For digital marketers, call analytics can give an indication of how consumers behave after they click on a website ad or phone number.

    Call Trend Analysis

    Identifying patterns in both the content and outcome of business phone calls empowers marketing and sales professionals to perfect their pitches, and to fine-tune all aspects of their campaigns.

    Call trend analysis also enables business managers and supervisors to better assess the performance of their phone staff, and to identify areas where more training, better technology, or additional personnel may be required. When used in conjunction with the call recording facilities of a business communications platform like net2phone, call trend analysis can form the basis of an effective performance management program.

    Tuning Into All Channels

    These days, commercial activity isn’t confined to the office, retail store, or phone. “Omni-channel” is the prevailing trend, with business organizations having to initiate and co-ordinate their outreach to consumers through a variety of touch points or avenues of access. Sales and customer service transactions are just as likely to occur via mobile app or eCommerce portal as they are at a bricks and mortar store.

    Omni-channel call analytics have the specific remit of connecting the various aspects of an organization’s commercial presence to the reasons that drive customers to get in contact by phone. Call analytics can establish where an organization’s best callers come from, and give an indication of which channels have the most impact on business outcomes.

    Call Analytics In Action

    Call data analysis empowers you to identify trends, analyze activity, and get more out of your business phone system. Powerful call analytics, reports, and dashboards can deliver unique insights to the events that drive business success.  Take a look at this video tour of net2phone’s Call Analytics Dashboard.

    If you’d like to know more about how call analytics can benefit your business, contact the experts at net2phone.





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