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    May 8, 2019

    For The Record: Call Recording And Your Business

    Used with a judicious eye on privacy, call recording can be one of the most beneficial features in your business communications toolkit. Here are the reasons why:

    Reducing Your Vulnerability To Lawsuits

    Litigation is the recurring nightmare of many business organizations. Court proceedings and expensive lawsuits arising from disputed transactions or customer grievances have the potential to tie up enterprise resources for extended periods – and to tarnish hard-earned business reputations.

    Using the call recording features of your business communications platform to create transcripts of phone conversations and transactions gives your organization valuable evidence which may be called upon to settled claims or legal disputes – and a hedge against damaging legal action.

    Settling Disputes With Verifiable Evidence

    An archive of call recording transcripts also provides your business with verifiable evidence of what occurred, and when – which may be used in settling misunderstandings or disputes that arise from your dealings with external parties (customers or suppliers), and internally. This would include any issues arising between employees or departments within your organization, or claims made on the basis of internal communications.

    Call Recording For Compliance

    If you operate in a sector that’s subject to certain rules regarding industry practices, keeping call transcripts may be a legal requirement for regulatory compliance. In the financial sector for instance, institutions are often required to transcribe and audit their verbal communications – and for them, call recording becomes a necessity.

    Maintaining Standards

    From an operational standpoint, call recording can become an important factor in maintaining business standards, and ensuring quality control. For example, having access to a call recording can enable your staff to easily double check the details of any transaction, and ensure that the correct amount of a given product or service reaches the person or institution for which it’s intended.

    Business communications systems like net2phone that include live call monitoring as part of the call recording platform also empower supervisors and quality control managers to tap into ongoing conversations, identify potential customer service issues as they happen, and intervene (perhaps by sending a notification to the staff member handling the call). This can enable them to correct matters before confusion or error becomes a problem that prevents a sale, or makes it impossible for an issue to be resolved.

    The result is improved interactions with consumers, better customer satisfaction, and improvements to your business reputation and bottom line.

    Evaluating And Improving Staff Performance

    Performance assessment and staff training can also benefit through the use of call recording. Transcripts may be filtered to find “best” and “worst” examples of how to deal with operational matters or customer interactions – and these examples can be incorporated into orientation and training programs.

    Live monitoring may be used by supervisors to perform on the spot evaluations of how their staff handle themselves on the phone. And call transcripts may be called upon for reference, when assessing the performance of individual workers or departments.

    Privacy Matters

    As a final note, call recording also has a role to play in maintaining privacy standards. Industry regulations and compliance regimes such as the European Union’s GDPR already place conditions on disclosure, and on what circumstances in which call recording may be appropriately used. Enterprise business policy may have to be adjusted to take these conditions into account – and the organization must be prepared to use call recording responsibly.

    The net2phone business communications solution is built on the latest VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, and includes a comprehensive set of enterprise-level telephony features – all at an affordable price. Call recording is an integral part of this tool-kit, and net2phone’s call recording features can be readily configured via easy to use software, to enable your business to enjoy all of the benefits just described.

    To find out more about how call recording can make a positive impact on your enterprise, get in touch with the experts at net2phone.



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