April 18, 2022

    net2phone Earns the “Users Love Us” Badge from G2.com

    G2 Badge for net2phone

    Here at net2phone we pride ourselves on delivering a world class unified communications solution which helps to meet the vast range of challenges faced by small, medium, and large enterprises every single day.

    However, no business truly knows how well it is succeeding at meeting its goals until its product or service is out there in the wild, being used by real organizations and being stress tested to its limits by the demands of the modern business environment.

    This is why user reviews are incredibly valuable to any business, as they give an unfiltered window into the day-to-day experiences real people are having with their product, service, and employees.


    One of the most respected voices in the online peer-to-peer review space is G2. 

    Formed in 2012, the Chicago, Illinois based company has a laser focus on aggregating user reviews for business software and deploys a complex AI algorithm which can detect whether a company is fraudulently leaving positive reviews for itself or negative ones from its competitors. 

    G2 also requests screenshots of reviewers using the product to verify they are genuine customers and reviews are manually screened and voted on by the community to discourage spam and other unhelpful comments.

    All these precautions come together to make G2 a trusted source for business software reviews and is relied on by many enterprise organizations to guide their decisions when choosing the right tech partners for their companies.


    These facts are what make it such a meaningful honor that net2phone has recently been awarded G2’s coveted Users Love Us badge.

    The "Users Love Us" badge is only awarded to those companies which have received 20 or more verified reviews and have achieved an aggregated score of 4.0 out of 5.0 - or higher. net2phone couldn’t be happier to learn real customers are having such a wonderful experience with our product and will use the motivation generated from this accolade to propel us to even greater heights of customer experience and service.

    Of course, not every review is glowing with praise, but net2phone is just as interested – if not more so – in hearing from those customers who are having a less than stellar experience. It’s only by having the areas in which we are falling short of expectations highlighted, that we can work on bringing those experiences in line with our many satisfied customers and the goals and ethos of the company.

    We are delighted that so many users are benefitting from the advanced unified communications solution being provided by net2phone and we promise to never rest on our laurels and to continue to strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued and discerning customers.

    Final Thoughts

    If your business needs to bring its communications into the 21st century with an advanced cloud based VoIP solution packed with enterprise grade features, get in touch with net2phone today and discover for yourself why our users love us!


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