August 13, 2020

    Why Do Partners Choose net2phone? Meet Joe.

    Joe Cassano is the founder of Plan B Technology, a New York-based communications firm specializing in the design, implementation and support of converged voice, data and mobility solutions. From small businesses to enterprise organizations, Plan B works one-on-one with their clients to develop a specific technology solution that meets and exceeds the communications goals of their clients. 


    Q: How did you begin working with net2phone?


    Over 8 years ago, Plan B joined P2 Telecom’s strong network of agents to provide our clients with the highest quality technology solutions available. We had been searching for a provider that aligned with our core values, which is our white-glove approach to providing excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with unparalleled, 24/7 support and therefore it was important that we work with a vendor who can promise the same level of service. Recently, net2phone partnered with P2 Telecom, which enabled us to offer net2phone’s solutions to our clients on their behalf. We were immediately drawn to net2phone for its inclusive suite of advanced features and affordable solutions. Within 6 weeks of working with net2phone, we sold over 200 seats and installed 6 hosted solutions in our client’s offices. 


    Q: At what point did you decide that net2phone could help you grow your business?


    We were working with a client who had a very complex phone system, which involved various solutions from 4 different carriers. net2phone was able to port all four numbers over to their new solution quickly. What should have been a painful process was in fact, seamless and effective. This experience of working with net2phone’s experts solidified our desire to continue offering the net2phone solution to clients.


    Q: How is net2phone different from other providers you’ve worked with?


    At Plan B we are very hands-on and make ourselves available to clients 24/7. Even when installing cloud-based services, we remain on-site to oversee the process. While we work with our clients to configure a solution that fits the unique needs of their business, there are often some last minute requests that we go through to prepare for a successful deployment. After evaluating a client’s infrastructure and environment, we often need to make changes on the fly and net2phone has always delivered with a quick turnaround time.


    Q: How has net2phone helped you grow your business?


    Many of our clients are still relying on legacy-based systems, which are not only nearing their end-of-life, but are also incredibly restrictive due to their lack of flexibility. Having worked remotely for several months, many of these customers have decided not to go back to the office, or begin offering flexible work arrangements. net2phone is the perfect solution for our clients who require the flexibility of doing business from anywhere, at any time. Our clients appreciate the myriad of work from home features such as the mobile app, video conferencing tool, and browser-based calling functionality, especially when it all comes included at such a reasonable price point. net2phone truly is an easy sell, and it has helped us expand our portfolio and drive revenue growth. 


    Q: What is your favourite part about working with net2phone?


    Our partners are an extension of us. When advocating on behalf of another company’s services, we need to ensure that their quality of services and customer support is second to none. We have a customer who operates 24/7, and may need to reach a support representative at any hour of the day. Being able to rely on net2phone to provide this client assistance any time they need is key. We have hundreds of customers to support and while we’re heavily invested in customer care, managing these small support needs takes up much of our selling time. The more I can encourage my clients to upgrade to net2phone and leverage their US-based support, the better for my clients, and in turn, the better for my business. 




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