April 28, 2022

    Create Integrations on the Fly Using net2phone's APIs

    net2phones APIs for integrations

    One of the most challenging and exciting aspects of the modern digital world we operate in is that you never know what each day will bring.

    You may think you have all the technology at your fingertips you need to meet the expectations of your discerning customers. However, with the business landscape constantly shifting – especially in light of the global COVID-19 crisis – a modern organization needs the intuition and innovative spirit to be able to pivot and respond to whatever comes down the pike.

    When it comes to digital technology, this often means having the power to create brand new integrations on the fly and quickly locating the APIs you need to make it happen.


    These days, there are vast numbers of APIs out there which can help you solve the challenges of the day. However, when inspiration is not forthcoming from the existing market, net2phone’s developer portal gives you the power to create your own custom integrations and respond to customer demand and the needs of your business.

    Getting started with connecting your application to net2phone’s functionality using our proprietary APIs and workbooks couldn’t be simpler.

    To gain access to the net2phone API explorer, all you need to do is fill out a simple form, get the necessary credentials for development, and then begin exploring, creating, and developing custom integrations with net2phone for your business.

    Currently available API integrations include massive tech names such as Zapier, Google Chrome extensions, Zoho, Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, meaning whether your team needs more effective collaboration, messaging, CRM, or more, they can have the right tools at their fingertips when they need them most.

    Developer Portal

    One notable example of an integration which can supercharge your net2phone cloud communications experience can be found in programmable voice APIs.

    With an integration such as this, your customer service representatives can make and receive calls seamlessly from within other apps – such as a customer relationship management platform like Salesforce – and extend/customize existing applications to include voice capabilities, reducing barriers to fielding customer queries while boosting confidence and first-time fixes.

    Calls can be routed and managed dynamically in real-time, and you can easily add phone and calling functions as they become necessary. It’s this kind of flexibility and agility which will empower your customer facing teams to better serve the needs of your business and those of your customers.

    Integrations can also be established with powerful AI and machine learning capabilities which will empower your business to gain objective data led insights into the key trends which affect your operations, while also ensuring responsibilities relating to compliance, training, and sales leads are being met and exceeded.

    Final Thoughts

    “Can't find the integration you're looking for? Create your own! Connect your application to the net2phone functionality, using net2phone's APIs and Webhooks. Fill out the form to gain access to developer credentials to start developing today. Customizing your net2phone experience and connecting your business-critical applications to your communications backbone.”

    Get in touch with net2phone today for more information regarding our cloud communications solutions and developer portal.

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