February 20, 2017

    Take a minute to hear from the President of net2phone

    In honor of President’s Day, hear the latest from OUR President, Jonah Fink.

    Jonah Fink, President of net2phone, has been heavily involved in the development and growth of the products, the brand, and distribution network for over 15 years.  He’s passionate about VoIP and even more passionate about our partners.

    Read more about what he has in store for the channel!


    Tell us about net2phone’s latest portfolio initiatives.

    Jonah: For any business to be successful, there needs to be a focus on both the today and the tomorrow. For net2phone, the today is to provide a high-quality voice over IP experience to business customers that are migrating from traditional systems to the cloud. At net2phone, we’re also focused on the tomorrow. net2phone’s product roadmap includes other communication paths such as messaging, chat, and collaboration which will be an evolution for tomorrow’s technology.


    What do you think are the greatest opportunities and challenges for channel partners? 

    Jonah: If you walk down the main street of any town and analyze just how many of the existing businesses are still using legacy phone systems and incumbent telecom services, the opportunity is clear. Businesses all share the common goal of needing more features and functionality to improve their business’s communication while adding savings to their bottom line.

    The challenge is to get these businesses educated… to wake up main street and make them aware of what’s out there. “Cloud” is a vague term and can be scary to some businesses, so it is important for us to educate these businesses on the advantages of cloud telephony.


    How has your partner ecosystem changed in the past year? 

    Jonah: One of the many benefits of the cloud is its invitation to IT professionals and Managed Service Providers to the VoIP space, which has widened the partner ecosystem for net2phone. It is no longer just about the narrow telecom and VAR installer base. net2phone will continue to invest in our partner tool sets to make it easy for partners of all types to sell the net2phone solution.


    What investments is net2phone making in the channel community?

    Jonah: net2phone has made a strategic acquisition of Live Ninja, whose expertise and focus is on messaging, collaboration, video and presence. net2phone is committed to integrate and absorb these technologies into our hosted voice product set. Just as the young millennials are relying on chat and messaging, we believe that the business community will do the same. It is clear this will be a strong, value-add to the channel, as it will increase ARPUs, stickiness and longevity to the customer lifespan.


    Is there anything else that you’d like to highlight for your channel partners?

    Jonah: I think what makes net2phone truly unique is our passion and energy for the channel. Complacency is a dirty word in the halls of net2phone. We are constantly evolving our product set and improving our channel partner tools to meet today’s needs and prepare for tomorrow’s demand. net2phone is not looking to follow, we are looking to innovate. We are determined to shake up the industry, both at the end user and channel levels. Interesting things are coming.

    Stay tuned!

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