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    October 6, 2022

    How to Choose The Best Phone System For Your Dental Office

    Phone system for dental office

    The modern dental office is a far cry from the clinics of old and has a range of digital communications needs which can be answered by a unified communications VoIP solution.

    Not only does the contemporary dentist clinic require advanced communications solutions such as welcome menus (a modern phone answering service) and an easy way to quickly handle calls and appointment queries from an ever-increasing portfolio of customers – but they also need to navigate an increasingly precarious and restrictive regulatory environment.

    net2phone is a leading provider of cloud phone systems for healthcare facilities.

    Thankfully, a cloud-based communications platform, such as the one provided here at net2phone, has digitally transformed an effective phone system for dental offices to address all of these concerns.

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    Creating the Perfect Dental Office Phone System

    The patient journey begins in earnest the second they pick up the phone and contact your reception staff.

    Thanks to net2phone’s RCon receptionist console with presence panel functionality, your first contact professionals can handle large call volumes with ease and help make sure every patient hangs up the phone satisfied their query has been dealt with in the most effective manner possible. In other words, RCon is powerful and a key component to the phone answering service capabilities for dental offices to succeed.

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    The software displays your entire team on your screen and allows for total visibility regarding who is engaged and who is available to take a call. This prevents users from transferring callers to occupied or out-of-office employees, and significantly reduces the chances of patients becoming frustrated by being passed around and create effective communication within the dental office practice.

    Your reception staff can:

    • Quickly Answer Calls
    • Direct Callers using "Drag & Drop" Functionality
    •  Search for Contacts
    •  Transfer & Park Calls
    •  Utilize 3-Way Calling
    • Gain presence visibility to see who is available to take a call and who is busy

    The Receptionist Console also allows for warm transfers so reception staff can properly announce the caller and ensure the person on the other end is fully prepared to answer their query – essential for phone systems for dental offices when it comes to matters of dental health which can cause elevated levels of anxiety in patients.

    HIPPA Compliance for Dental Office Phone Systems

    net2phone provides HIPPA-compliant VoIP for healthcare which also helps digitally transformed dental offices stay compliant with HIPAA regulations for communications and collaboration solutions.

    HIPPA regulations for dental office phone systems

    The modern healthcare business needs to regularly send sensitive communications over the internet to consult with outside bodies and other specialists – such as sending out x-ray images to an orthodontist office.

    Thanks to net2phone’s HIPAA-compliant solutions, such as call recordings, voicemails and voicemail transcriptions, and encrypted virtual fax, your dental clinic can be confident these communications are safe, secure, and compliant.

    Ever since the COVID-19 crisis entered our lives, an increasing number of healthcare providers have been carrying out consultations by remote means. net2phone's video conferencing feature also includes a video call recording component within, so that staff can reference telehealth appointments at any time to gather essential information.

    “Our cloud-based platform is now accessible to healthcare providers whose operations necessitate compliance with HIPAA. The privacy of our customers’ (and their customers’) data has always been a top priority. Our healthcare customers can now use our HIPAA-eligible services knowing that net2phone has a program in place designed to meet the demanding standards for safeguarding protected health information.” said President of net2phone, Jonah Fink.

    Final Thoughts

    A modern dental practice needs a modern communications solution which can help it meet the challenges of the day, leave patients feeling satisfied, and navigate an ever more complex regulatory environment.

    net2phone’s receptionist console and HIPAA-compatible solutions can help practitioners meet and even exceed these challenges.

    Get in touch today for more information.


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