March 15, 2022

    Importance of VoIP for Urgent Care Centers

    We’ve all developed a more intimate relationship with healthcare over the last couple of years. Thanks to the globe-spanning  COVID-19 crisis, the valiant efforts of healthcare providers all around the world have been at the forefront of news stories and in the public consciousness.

    Urgent care is transforming due to the pandemic and healthcare providers are searching for more effective ways to communicate with one another and with patients and their families. Unified communication solutions can help with the need and provide these essential services with all the technology they need to deliver critical messages during critical times.

    Seamless Connection for Urgent Care Centers

    When a healthcare provider partners with net2phone, they gain access to our powerful n2p mobile app – available on iOS and Android-based devices – which can help all stakeholders in healthcare stay in contact during the process of giving or receiving urgent care.

    Staff, regardless of their location within the urgent care facility, can use the net2phone app to stay in touch and make sure everyone is operating with the most up-to-date information they need to deliver the best service possible to their patients. Medical records and updates can be shared, and specialists can be contacted at a moment’s notice, wherever they might be at the time.

    Say, for example, an urgent care provider needs to use a piece of urgent care equipment, but its use requires a technician with specialist knowledge. Thanks to the net2phone app, the technician with the right skills and knowledge can be reached instantly and be on hand to deliver that care.

    With net2phone’s powerful phone system for medical offices, families and friends can be updated quickly and regularly to help ease their minds and keep them abreast of their loved one’s care progress. Huddle video conferencing allows for virtual face-to-face communication, meaning they can visit their loved one – even under the most stringent COVID-19 regulations.

    Reduce Overhead Costs In Urgent Care Healthcare Facilities

    net2phone understands that urgent care centers operate on a budget. Luckily net2phone is able provide a cost-effective unified communication solution that fits every need and budget.

    Lines can be shared among rooms with lower usage to reduce costs and net2phone’s packages can easily be scaled up and down with new lines added or removed to adapt to the shifting requirements of urgent care facilities.

    net2phone's advanced HIPAA compliant phone system is designed to be plug and play for easy and rapid installation. Urgent care phone systems can be quickly customized with bespoke ring groups, auto attendants, schedules, welcome menus, and more. 

    In short, net2phone’s VoIP solution is the ultimate package to make sure your urgent care centers can stop worrying about communication issues and are able to instead focus on the business of delivering first-class care to their patients. Visit our pricing page to check out our robust business phone plans, or customize your own plan that fits your organizations needs perfectly.

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    Deliver an Excellent Patient Experience

    All organizations run on effective communication but perhaps nowhere is it more critical than in urgent care centers. With split-second decisions literally meaning the difference between life and death, the need for a powerful unified communications and collaboration solution such as the one provided by net2phone has rarely been greater.

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