September 19, 2018

    Your Communications System Can Make or Break Your Business

    Effective communication is the lifeblood of any business.

    At its best, a company’s communication infrastructure will be a secure and finely tuned machine, seamlessly connecting employees to customers, while simultaneously improving workflow and productivity right across the organization. At their worst, however, communication systems are nothing short of a liability, fraught with high costs for outdated and inferior technologies, hampering the business’s ability to grow and compete.

    Successful businesses, both large and small, understand the value of a high-functioning and up-to-date communications system, and the strategic role it plays in facilitating efficiency in all of the organization’s operations – from marketing and sales, to customer service and remote worker collaboration.

    In short, your company’s telephone system matters. It can make or break your business, and supply the advantage you need to outcompete your rivals in the competitive business landscape.

    The Business Benefits of a Hosted PBX System

    A Hosted PBX phone system is a secure and reliable communications system for businesses of all sizes. It delivers a quality service that is completely flexible, extremely cost effective, and comes with a multitude of enhanced tools and features which are beneficial to your business.

    High Call Quality

    Businesses live and die by the performance of their communication infrastructure, and indeed by the quality of their calls. With a Hosted PBX system, the quality of calls is as good as – if not better than – a traditional telephone line.

    Reduced Costs

    Today’s Hosted PBX solutions enable whole swathes of cost savings, including unlimited local, long distance and international calls, which all come at a fixed, low monthly rate. By switching to Hosted PBX from a traditional phone system, the average business saves up to 70% on their communications costs.

    Find Me/Follow Me Call Routing

    The ideal solution for mobile and remote workers. Find Me/Follow Me call routing allows your team members to create a list of numbers through which they can be reached before a call gets pushed to voicemail. For example, the office phone might ring twice, but on the third ring, their cell phone starts to ring, then on the fifth, their home phone. Only then does the call go to voicemail, meaning that more of your customers are able to get hold of the people they need to speak to, when they need to speak to them.

    Voicemail to Email Transcription

    This outstanding feature means that all voicemail messages get transcribed to text and sent to a preferred email. No more hurriedly scribbling names, numbers and addresses, and having to waste time rewinding the message to pick up those bits you missed the first time. And it also allows you to file, organize, delete and search voicemails much more efficiently.

    Auto Attendant

    A true gem of Hosted PBX services, the Auto Attendant feature allows callers to interact with a menu to choose an appropriate extension. A truly professional service, Auto Attendant is like having a virtual receptionist always on call.

    Conference Calls

    Conference Calls are one of the very best features of Hosted PBX. Organize simple and secure conference calls for both internal and external participants at no extra cost.


    With Hosted PBX, your entire business communications system will be looked after and maintained by your provider, ensuring that it’s always operational, and your phones are always ringing.


    As your business grows, so can your communications system with Hosted PBX. If you need to add more lines to your plan, it’s a simple matter of contacting your provider and ordering the additional handsets, which will be ready to simply plug in and use.

    Improve Your Business’s Workflow and Productivity with Hosted PBX

    A competent, up-to-date, feature rich Hosted PBX phone system will not only benefit your customers, but your employees as well. It’s so much easier and more efficient for your team to communicate with one another when they have a robust system to rely on, allowing employees to relay important information quickly and effectively – and that’s a great advantage to have in business.

    To learn more about implementing a Hosted PBX phone system at your organisation and the multiple ways it will help your business, get in touch with the experts here at net2phone today. 

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