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    voip for healthcare Jan 6, 2022

    net2phone and HIPAA – VoIP for Healthcare Providers

    When the US federal government brought in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 1996, they probably couldn’t have imagined the almost completely...
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    Powerhouse Softphone Dec 16, 2021

    RCon: net2phone's Powerhouse Softphone

    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll already be familiar with the many great features our robust, hosted cloud PBX VoIP product offers. However, you may not be so...
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    Compliance Dec 16, 2021

    net2phone – Taking Compliances Seriously

    There are many regulations that net2phone adheres to in order to make sure our customers' information is protected and that their communications are secure. This is why we...
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    Dec 8, 2021

    How Huddle Takes Face-to-Face Video Conferencing to the Next Level

    Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing services have risen in popularity and demand. As people spent more and more time under lockdown restrictions,...
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    ucaas Dec 6, 2021

    net2phone – One of The Fastest Growing UCaaS Providers

    A Growing UCaaS Provider
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    net2phone Nov 17, 2021

    How the net2phone Smartphone App Lets You Be in Two Places at Once

    We all live busy lives these days and are rarely tied down to a single location for very long. Portable technology is clearly the order of the day and business people are on...
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    cloud security Nov 9, 2021

    The Importance of Cybersecurity During The Holidays

    Staying safe online is a major concern in the modern digital era in which we find ourselves. Thanks to much of our lives relying on the internet these days, the dangers of...
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    business communications Nov 4, 2021

    4 Reasons Why Verizon Customers Switch to net2phone Cloud Communications

    With over 30 years in the VoIP and unified communications (UC) space, net2phone delivers on the promise of driving your business success through smarter conversations. As...
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    cloud pbx Nov 3, 2021

    What Is Cloud PBX and What Advantages Does it Offer?

    A cloud PBX system makes it easier for your team to manage incoming calls, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. If you’re looking for solutions that give your...
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    healthcare voip Nov 1, 2021

    net2phone and HIPAA Compatibility – Everything You Need to Know

    Data privacy has become a  substantial concern as of late and it is critically important that companies continue their efforts to safeguard customer information. Thanks to...
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    Education Sep 17, 2021

    Why You Need UCaaS to Adjust to Hybrid Teaching

    Have you adopted UCaaS for hybrid learning? 
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    Unified Communications Sep 9, 2021

    Customer Success Communications & Why it's Important for SaaS Businesses

    Is your customer communication reliable but passive? 
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