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    RCon Sep 8, 2021

    Life Just Got Easier For Large Organizations With RCon, N2P’s Powerhouse Softphone

    Large organizations typically have to deal with large call volumes. The ability to effectively deal with a flood of incoming calls and ensure every caller gets timely...
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    Compliance Sep 3, 2021

    Why Your Communications Platform Needs Ray Baum's Act Compliance

    Why Your Communications Platform Needs Ray Baum's Act Compliance
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    Compliance Sep 2, 2021

    Healthcare Trusts Net2Phone’s Reliability and UC Solutions

    net2phone is participating in a HIPAA compatibility program. Our HIPAA eligible services help our health care customers promote safe and secure interactions with patients and...
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    small business phone Aug 23, 2021

    Why is Call Queue Management So Important for Your Business?

    In a landscape in which customer experience is paramount, effective call queue management is essential in winning and maintaining customers for your business. Let’s discuss...
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    Unified Communications Aug 23, 2021

    Top 2 Reasons Why Comcast Customers Switch to Net2Phone

    While Comcast is the second-largest telecommunications company in the world, it is mainly known for its residential internet and cable services. Despite being in the...
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    ucaas Aug 11, 2021

    How a UCaaS Restaurant Phone System Helps You Adapt in 2021 and Beyond

    It’s fair to say that the foodservice industry has had to change significantly over the past year and a half. Could an outdated restaurant phone system be holding you back?
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    ucaas Aug 2, 2021

    3 Key Benefits of UCaaS for Multi-site Banks

    Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) integrates all of your communications channels - voice, video, email, and instant messaging - into one cloud-based model. Rather...
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    net2phone integration Aug 2, 2021

    Net2Phone Integration With Additional Communication Platforms

    Integrating Net2Phone with other applications allows you to streamline key processes, enrich your CRM data and provide a better user experience to your customers. 
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    cloud pbx Jul 20, 2021

    Getting Your Workforce Ready for Vacation Season

    Around 25% of workers feel less productive over the months of June, July, and August but don’t worry -- your business communications system can help.  A large part of this...
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    Jul 20, 2021

    Business Communication Compliance with Ray Baum's Act: A Guide

    Passed in February 2020, Ray Baum's Act widens organizations' responsibilities for facilitating emergency responder activity on their premises. Despite the first phase of the...
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    business video conferencing Jul 2, 2021

    Re-Embrace Video Conferencing

    In today's pandemic-stricken world, there are words the dictionary doesn't need to define: quarantine, lockdown, and video conferencing. 
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    Jun 2, 2021

    UCaaS Solutions Drive Car Dealership Sales

    The Need for UCaaS for Car Dealerships It’s not a surprise that car dealerships are using digital channels throughout all stages of the sales funnel. Actual physical contact...
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