February 15, 2021

    net2phone and Salesforce VoIP Integration: A Winning Combination

    net2phone and Salesforce VoIP Integration

    As you are well aware, Salesforce is one of the world's most popular management software solutions. It's a great way to track project progress, schedule deliverables, and keep your team on the same page. But what if the benefits of using sales CRM tools were amplified tenfold with a compelling, highly effective communications solution-- and that's where net2phone comes in!  We are excited to offer a streamlined, hassle-free Salesforce phone integration that easily allows you to communicate and manage your leads! Today, let's explore why this combination is a win-win scenario for your workforce. 

    Optimal Visibility Thanks to Unified Communications

    We just made your work life a little easier! Our net2phone Salesforce integration increases productivity and gives you greater visibility into the status of leads, opportunities, and support calls. Stay informed by easily tracking multi-phased projects, tasks that need addressing, and details of all communications. Organization is key to any successful business operation, which is why our unified communications solutions are such a great pairing with the Salesforce API. Everything cooperates seamlessly, and updates can be handled in just a few clicks.  No extra work is required on your behalf, all while improving visibility by leaps and bounds.

    Reliable VoIP

    We take great pride in our highly stable (up to 99.99% uptime), dependable business communications services. Make and receive calls using our net2phone web app with Salesforce, making our partnership an ideal solution for everyone from busy sales associates to production team leads. If you're a meeting and task juggler, use this integration to stay organized and connected. It's possible to save plenty of time and not lose momentum with features such as automatic inbound caller record-keeping and more.

    Better Business Driven by Smarter Business Communications

    By pairing net2phone with Salesforce, your team members can actively log, track, and monitor key data parameters. Plus, thanks to how hassle-free and user-friendly these combined solutions are, you'll always be able to keep those records up to date. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to greatness!

    You'll also be able to personalize our integrated solutions through Salesforce to suit even the most exacting business needs. Whether you need to track specific data for compliance purposes, provide team members with personalized settings based on their role, or otherwise, we make it happen with ease.

    Extra Business Communication Perks

    Along with optimized call performance, peak uptime, and more, we act as the ultimate, all-inclusive communications solution. This is especially true when paired with the powerful, familiar environment of Salesforce. We provide plenty of extra features that many businesses of all sizes absolutely love, from free state-of-the-art desk phones with no capex, to the most powerful call data analytics around. In addition, we're happy to offer free calling over an internet connection to over 40 countries – something a traditional landline company would not be able to offer. 

    Staying Competitive using Unified Communications

    Markets are increasingly competitive, and it's hard to keep moving in the right direction. However, by empowering your workforce with net2phone's unified communications solutions and Salesforce's iconic, leading-edge software, it's easier to operate as the most effective team possible. 

    To recap, here are just some of the benefits you can expect:

    • Incredible cost savings and free calling to over 40 countries
    • Simplified, dependable communications between team members
    • Organize and strategize like never before with comprehensive data reporting and call analytics
    • Top-tier support from both Salesforce and our own dedicated experts at net2phone
    • Free modern desk phones with no capex
    •  Make and receive calls using our net2phone web app with Salesforce

    Our team is standing by, ready to help you optimize your operations with specially tailored, futureproofed business phone systems and other solutions. Learn more!


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