December 16, 2021

    RCon: net2phone's Powerhouse Softphone


    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll already be familiar with the many great features our robust, hosted cloud PBX VoIP product offers. However, you may not be so familiar with just how much technology goes into producing this kind of communications solution and how it revolutionizes so many elements of old-fashioned landline phone systems.

    You may think the VoIP experience starts and finishes at your office or workstation, but in fact our system goes far beyond that. From our receptionist console to mobile apps, net2phone's VoIP communications elevates all business communications.


    One of the core components of net2phone’s product package is a next-generation RCon powerhouse softphone and presence panel which will transform the way your businesses’ receptionist console operates.

    At this point you may be wondering what a softphone is? A softphone is a program that makes telephone calls over the internet rather than with old-fashioned physical hardware. Softphones are where the future of business communications is heading. This software offers all the features a traditional phone would, but with much more capabilities. To make calls using a softphone, the user will typically require:

    • A modern PC with a microphone and speaker, or with a headset, or USB phone.
    • Reliable high-speed internet connectivity like digital subscriber line (DSL), or a cable service provider.
    • An account with an Internet telephony service provider or VoIP PBX provider such as net2phone.
    • Mobile or landline phone.

      With these in place, the softphone can make and receive phone calls just like any physical device can. However, not all softphones are created equally.

      A Powerhouse Softphone and Presence Panel

      One of the features that separates net2phone from other communication services is our presence panel functionality.

      The net2phone RCon powerhouse softphone allows your receptionist (or front of office staff) to see at a glance who in the office is available and who is presently engaged. This reduces time wasted trying to put calls through to people when they are busy and also prevents callers from being placed on long hold times. With the net2phone presence panel, large volumes of both inbound and outbound calls can be effectively managed, and workflows can be easily optimized around inbound call demand.

      Universal contact searches allow for your staff to be quickly located allowing calls to be triggered faster than would have been previously possible. Your receptionist can direct incoming calls, utilize the innovative drag and drop calling feature, transfer and park calls, and facilitate three-way calling, among many other features to make for a completely efficient phone system.

      Warm transfer options allow your receptionist to announce the caller before putting them through, so the person on the other end knows what they’re walking into. The convenience of a one-click transfer allows your front-of-office to quickly push the call straight through when things are busier, or the call is more urgent. In short, with a net2phone RCon powerhouse softphone and presence panel, your business becomes a call processing machine.

      Closing Comments

      As you can see, the net2phone RCon powerhouse softphone with presence panel functionality will help make your office run smoother than ever. A better user experience inevitably leads to happier customers, so get in touch with us today and give your business the best possible chance of success.

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