September 8, 2021

    Life Just Got Easier For Large Organizations With RCon, N2P’s Powerhouse Softphone

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    Large organizations typically have to deal with large call volumes. The ability to effectively deal with a flood of incoming calls and ensure every caller gets timely professional attention is critical for a business. A customer or business partner that feels mishandled could end up severely damaging your brand. It isn't surprising that many companies have transitioned to automated VOIP answering systems over the last decade to deal with increased call volume. 

    Automated VOIP answering systems have several advantages, such as helping save on labor costs, covering phones when a receptionist is unavailable, and broad issue categorization that callers can quickly access via voice menus.  Despite these advantages, research shows that customers prefer speaking to a human representative. The results from various studies over the years have been consistent in this regard, as noted below: 

    • A study by Google found that 57% of respondents call a company when they want to speak to a real person. This study also found that 54% call a company when they have more questions or need more information than a website can answer. The last thing that such customers want is to encounter an automated answering service. 
    • A more recent study by Clutch found that 9 out of 10 people prefer speaking to a real person. The same study also found that over two-thirds of respondents rank listening to irrelevant voice menu options and the inability to fully describe their problem among their top three frustrations when interacting with an automated VOIP answering service. 

    There are several reasons the human voice always triumphs over automated VOIP answering services:

    • The human voice is warm, personal, and has a high trust factor.
    • While artificial intelligence has made great strides, a knowledgeable human still possesses better problem-solving skills. 
    • Words are powerful. There is nothing like a polite, empathetic human voice to soothe an irate caller. When customers call an organization to complain, they want to vent, be heard, and be reassured that someone is genuinely looking into their issue and working to solve their problem. The last thing an agitated caller wants is further aggravation by being made to feel helpless.
    • Most problems are resolvable with a conversation. When callers aren't being straight-jacketed into irrelevant issue categories, a human agent can quickly identify or recognize the problem and solve it. 
    • Well-trained human receptionists effectively recognize and nurture leads during a call and capture key information in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.

    So, how do you balance your need to effectively deal with a deluge of calls and at the same time ensure your automated VOIP answering service isn't costing you business or damaging your brand? The answer lies in a solution that gives you the best of both worlds. 

    RCon, net2phone’s Powerhouse Softphone, is a cloud PBX receptionist console with presence panel functionality, that allows a human agent to quickly answer or route calls to the relevant team member, department, or ring group. It’s well thought out features like drag and drop calls, three-way calling, transfer and parking calls make it simple to route calls even if working remotely. 

    But net2phone’s product geniuses didn’t stop there. The contact search function allows for easily searching the appropriate party by name. Then by using the one-click transfer or the consulted transfer (announcing the call before clicking to transfer), the call is properly routed. The calling experience is great because there was an actual human on the other end and managing the call is much easier. For more information on how Rcon can help you manage large call volumes, check out the explainer video


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